Plasma guns and "lowest armor value"

Plasma guns have the rule where they are blocked by the lower of physical or energy armor. How does that interact with strong armor? For example, if a plasma rifle fires against a Mirelurk, which has 2+1 physical armor and 3 energy armor, does it:

  1. Use Physical armor because 2 is less than 3, and we ignore the strong armor?
  2. Use Energy armor because 2+1 is “stronger” than a native 3
  3. Use whichever someone (either attacker or defender) decides, because we sum strong and regular armor and then they’re equivalent.
  4. Sum strong and regular armor, so they’re equivalent, and then use the energy armor value bc the Plasma Rifle’s damage is energy by default?

Thanks in advance!


Hey there @AChapin -

Good question. I’ll put it past the Devs later this week and get back to you.

Could you add the same question about the armor rating but with AI cards? I mean, when they have “Vulnerable” priority, they look for the lowest armor, but it is almost the same question, doesn’t it?

Hey @DK-dark

As per the forum rules, could you post that as its own question thread?

Hey @AChapin

  • Strong Armor would be ignored from this calculation, so you’d pick whichever value is naturally lower. In the example of the Mirelurk, it’d be their Physical Armor. In the event of a draw, the person who controls the model being attacked would pick which value to use.