Stealthboy, is it gone after use in campaign play?

So for a cost of 45, is the stealthboy a one time use item in campaign play? if so, do you think it is worth it?

The Stealthboy only lasts two rounds then it’s used up. Once you push the button, it has a finite time limit.

@Silloheel To answer your question, yes it’s “1 and done”; gear items are discarded after use. As far as “worth it”, in certain scenarios it could be a game changer, in others, an over priced trinket

Thanks for the confirmation.

RE: the worth it part of your question. I stopped taking most one-use items in battle mode. I either never have a good opportunity to use them or my figure get killed before they can… In narrative they are great… Points-wise, in most lists you can get an extra figure - a crappy one I admit for those points. The extra model, activations, shooting and just being an extra target is more generally useful than 2 turns of stealth, I think.

Very nice point of view.

Follow up question, between a courser who has a permanent stealthboy or an A-2018 wearing heavy synth armor, which would you go with?

Without info on the army composition? Both seem decent choices, though A-2018 may not need the armor. His 9 hitpoints are already very high and if he uses long-ranged heavy weapons he has an easier time to stay at a distance. The armor is also very expensive and you may want to spend that on an additional synth who can draw enemy fire.

The courser is an allround good choice and is very versatile. He makes a great objective runner and his stealth boy means he force your enemy to spend their actions on shooting your expendable synths instead. That’s not quite the same as a wasted action, but losing all your Gen 1 & 2 synths doesn’t matter as long as long as you achieve your objective. Being distractive is what they’re there for.

I’d go for a courser in any Institute force, be it the regular courser or Z2-47. I’d add A-2018 to that if the points permit and if I need someone with more “punch”.

That is definitely some good information. I am jumping in to a campaign in a week, but never really played. So 2018 with armor is roughly the same pt. cost as the courser. I am basically asking which has more staying power in a fight.

In that case A-2018. It’s way sturdier with double the armor and 50% more hitpoints. The stealthboy will help you avoid damage occasionally, but I think it’d dangerous to rely on it as a means of surviving an open battle. It’s just not what the courser is made for.

In terms of cost, remember that if you want to give A-2018 a heavy weapon, that those are more expensive than rifles in most cases. The missile launcher that A-2018 is portrayed with is one of the (if not THE most) expensive weapons in the game. The courser on the other hand can’t wield heavy weapons and would be cheaper in the end.

Yeah that is a good point, but I was planning on using a gatlin laser. Points wise they were still coming up nearly the same.