Card for Translucent Courser

GenCon in the US has begun and, along with other products, the translucent Glowing Ones and Courser models are available for purchase.

For those that can’t get to GenCon, remember that the translucent Glowing One models and translucent Courser models are also available for purchase from the Modiphius website whilst GenCon is open from Aug 1st to August 4th. If you’ve not seen the translucent models, checkout Development Blog #26.

Cards for the Glowing Ones are in Wave 2 and the card for X6-88 was in Wave 1. Rather than the 2 translucent Courser models being without cards until Wave 3 arrives, the Courser’s card is now available for download. The image below can be downloaded and, when printed at 100% size, will match other Unit cards.


Nice! Thank you for the card.

Will these be available again at a later date? Or is it grab it now, or never situation? I don’t mind if only the non-translucent version will be available, as long as I can get the minis and the cards I’m happy.

I’m under the impression that the transparent models currently up on the site are a limited time item but that there will be traditional models for each of them eventually.

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What would be the estimated cap cost for the coursers?

@jcmonson - take X6-88 as a basis and deduct some points for the missing special rule “energy shield” and the slightly worse stats (missing heavy weapon option and less wounds)… than add 1 or 2 points for the better search ability…

Tatatata… you are there :wink:

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I really want them, but it says you’re not taking credit or debit card payments at this time. Hopefully it clears up before they’re gone.

Thanks, then I’ll happily wait for the standard ones, since I’m not a fan of these transparent ones. I would paint over them anyway, so it’s a waste.

I figure I’ll have the transparent ones, plus a couple of sets of the others. Then I can swap models out for the clear ones just to show which ones are cloaked at the time. :wink:


Got the payment to go through for one of each of these. Went ahead and pick up the junk barriers and turrets while I was at it.

Looking to eventually do the same thing as you, GateKeeper. Eventually.

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The translucent models will be available on the web site when they are being sold at a show - so they will be available at different times.

Normal (non-translucent versions) of the 2 Courser models and the Courser card will be in Wave 3 too. (The Glowing Ones are in Wave 2 and X6-88 is in Wave 1.)


I received my order yesterday, and it did not include the Exclusives.

They do not show on the invoice and the invoice states 1/1.

Are the exclusives shipping separately? Has anyone received theirs yet?

I haven’t gotten mine yet either.
I just received shipping confirmation though.

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I have a shipping confirmation for the card pack but it doesn’t list the exclusives. Will report back when the delivery arrives.

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Alx please contact with your concern.

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Will do. Had just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed I memo somewhere.


I also only received the regular order and not the event exclusives so will send an email too

For those curious, it is indeed coming as a separate shipment. Just got the shipping email.

Yup, comes separate.
I ordered both sets together with the Raider bundle, pretty much the minute the sets showed up in the shop.
The Raiders arrived about a week later, the translucent minis arrived today.