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Stealth Boy & Coursers

Hello everyone!

I have been going to ask this question for a long time. We have already played several games using the Courser in Stealth Boy and each time there were game moments that could not be resolved without a dispute in mind the fact that this or that decision became beneficial to one of the opponents and not beneficial to the other.

In any case, I will write down all the questions I have and will try to describe all the incomprehensible situations. In the rules I did not find a description for these situations, so I hope that there are answers here.

  1. Stealth Boy card.
    1a. The card says that before the action (Ranged attack or Melee) we must pass PER -4. So, we cannot just take and define a miniature in Stealth mode without attacking her?
    1b. If everything is more or less clear when performing a Ranged attack, then when attacking in Melee it is not entirely clear. When declaring that a miniature is in Stealth mode, we spend 1
    action to attack. If we passed the test, everything is ok, but if we failed, then what happens next to the miniature that declared Melee attak? Miniature stays where it is checked or should be move Base-to-Base (next - b-to-b) to miniature in Stealth mode?

  2. Game situations. (The model is in Stealth mode and has not been detected)
    2a. A Ranged attack is made on a melee model with 2 opposing models, one of which is in Stealth mode. Does the model in Stealth mode participate when determining who has hit?
    2b. Performs a Melee attack on a model, next to which there is another model in Stealth mode. The attack implies an effect in the orange radius if successful. Model in Stealth Mode will receive damage?
    2c. Model in Stealth mode was detected and attacked in close combat, but at the beginning of a new turn it entered Stealth mode again. Are models still considered in close combat? Or a model at Stealth mode can get out of Close combat without additional attack? Or make a Ranged attack at an enemy in b-to-b without a -2 penalty for shooting in Close Combat?
    2d. When a model makes an attack in Stealth mode, can another model with an expectation token react to this action?
    2e. There are 2 models in a row. The first is normal, the second is in Stelth mode and completely covers it. The question is, is it possible to attack a visible model closed by a model in Stealth mode using Ranged weapon? The attack is through the model in Stealth mode.
    2f. If the models in Stealth mode are positioned so from it cannot attack the visible model in melee, i.e. in fact they are not visible, but on the field they are present and do not give the ability to move the stand in b-to-b without moving them, to do Melee attack. How to be? Given that the rules allow the model to move (for example, Push Back) in the direction of travel model, but if there is no such possibility? (see photo). This point is important because sometimes even due to the presence of a place where the attacking model can get up there is a problem with the distance, i.e. there is no model in Stealth mode, and a direct attack is possible, but if you need to bypass it, then the distance is not enough.
    2g. How can a PER 4 model detect a model in Stealth mode? At PER = 4 (and below), the determination is in principle not possible because the parameter result = 0, or can the check be passed for, for example, a critical value on the die “!”?


me also would like to read an answer on Q 2b …played 2 courser vs Supermutants…so they never cant attack my Courser because most have PER 3 or 4???

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2g) a Crit is always a success. I don’t know where it was but they said it once. A model with per <=4 only detects a stealth boy with a crit.
What I understand:
2e) yes

I would like to add the info from this FB topic where we use critical against the model with Stealth Boy and fail PER test: Facebook Groups