Hidden ready models

If I have a hidden model wich is ready, and the enemy moves to engage, spending all its Movement, and he fails the detection roll, so it remains in contact but unengaged due to the rules.
At this point, I could remove the ready token and the hidden token to perform a melee attack with the sneak bonus, right? Or I cannot attack because he is not considered as engaged?

Hey @DK-dark

If a Detecting Model fails to spot a Hidden Model, they cannot engage them so they cannot enter base to base contact with the Hidden Model.

So, if I cannot attack to the unwary model with a melee weapon with my hidden and ready model because he didnt spot me and rule says this is not an engagement (so I could not choose the option to use the ready token), what would happen in the same case if I wield a bow/ranged spell?
He does not spot me, so it is unengaged even in base contact with me, so… could I shoot at him? If I cannot attack with a melee weapon…

If it were a ranged weapon you don’t need to be engaged. You can spend your Ready token as soon as the enemy completes it’s move (unlike Reaction, Ready tokens are spent after a completed Action, not Activation). The enemy model can roll to remove the Hidden token, but if it didn’t succeed it cannot Engage and so has to remain 1/2 inch away from the still hidden model. Of course, after the Ranged Attack action you can potentially lose your Hidden token which means the enemy, if it has any Actions left, could still perform any Ranged Attacks of its own.