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Starter questions

Hi there. I’ve got a few basic questions from FWW that I’m sure have probably already been asked, but here goes…

  1. When activating AI models, how would you end up with multiple ‘ready’ models if you all ready models each turn?
  2. How and when might an AI model choose to throw a grenade?
  3. If, following a failed Battle Cry, the defending model is in contact with two or more enemies, can they move away free from quick action from all models, or only the model that initiated Battle Cry?

Thanks in advance :+1:

To the best of my knowledge:

  1. You can ready models without activating them, unless it’s the last model you could ready. Once you activate a model, you must activate all ready models. There are abilities that make friendly and/or opposing models ready, which is the only way I can think of why the AI would have multiple ready models.
  2. An AI model will throw a grenade as a ranged attack. However, it will only risk hitting others when it attacks “reckless”, not “careful”. Also note the limited supply of grenades!
  3. I would say it’s impossible to move away in the situation you describe. If it’s just one model in contact, the defender could “swing” around the enemy already in contact with, but with two, I don’t see how.
    However, I’m not 100% sure I got your question correctly, so if you feel like I misunderstood, maybe reiterate your question and/or wait for someone else to answer.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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51Monster2 is correct on Q1 and Q2.

With regards Q3, the rules say the defender of the charge may ‘immediately use a Reaction to move their model out of engagement with the charger without giving the charger a free attack’. So, the defender could use a Reaction to move and the charger would not get a free attack; however, breaking contact with any other models would give those other models a free attack as normal.



Thanks for the answers y’all. Much appreciated.

Jumping in here, since I just created my account, I cannot ask a new topic…

Using the AI cards… what do you do if none of the situations apply? On the Field Scribe, the first check is Health. The second is friendly units within his perceive range. Neither apply.

EDIT: Nevermind… the numbers were for # of friendlies within range and that would be the 0-1 column. Sheesh… what a wasted 45 minutes on my part!

Is that what “default” is for? I cannot seem to find any rules on that in the Campaign Guide or AI book or FAQ…