Ready and Hidden tokens

Good afternoon, tell me what is the sequence, the opponent’s model has a “Ready” token, my model with the “Hidden” token makes a movement, being in contact with the enemy, according to the rules, I must pass the Sneak Skill Test after the activation with an enemy 6 "from The “Ready” token is triggered before my model passes the test, or after, and if after, can the “Ready” token be played, must the opponent first find the model?

I would read the sequence as:

  1. Hidden model performs Move action and ends the action within base contact of the Ready enemy.
  2. Hidden model takes Sneak test to see if they remain Hidden.
  3. A) - If Sneak test is passed - Ready model checks to detect the Hidden model > If detection is successful then they may perform the out of sequence melee attack.
    B) - If Sneak test is failed - Ready model automatically is able to perform the out of sequence melee attack.

I agree that the timing could be tidied up in the wording as currently both things take place when the Hidden model completes its Action but the above feels like the most logical process to me.

If the hidden model cannot be found, is the Ready token removed? And one more thing, in addition to the main question, can the Ready token be used on a Hidden model if you have a bow in your hands?

I would say it doesn’t remove the Ready token if they don’t successfully detect as the token is ‘spent’ to carry out the attack itself. That’s just a guess to be honest though.

As to the second point; yes, assuming my interpretation above is correct. Ready actions can certainly be used to make a Ranged attack so I don’t see why not if the Hidden model completes an action within line of sight (and the Ready model can subsequently successfully detect them).

Hi stHonor,

JimmyW has the correct order for the criteria you set out. To your second set of questions, no the Ready Token does not get removed as the conditions for it to be removed would not have been met, so JimmyW again is correct in this.

If a model has a Bow weapon in it’s hands and wants to use it’s ready token, it can not be engaged with any other model (as this is one of the conditions to use a Ranged Attack Action). If the Hidden Model were to go into base-to-base contact with a model with a bow equipped and a ready token, the ready token could only be spent on an unarmed attack.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the answer.