Stealth missions using AI

So I’ve been wanting to try doing a kind of stealth mission of sorts, something like Piper trying to sneak into somewhere and grab some data from a terminal without being spotted. I imagine this might not be that fun for someone who’s having to control the ‘unaware’ defenders though, as the ideal way for things to go for the attacker would be that none of the enemies ever have awareness of their model (and by taking the Thief perk, movement no longer counts as a trigger). For that reason, as well as the lack of anyone to game with, I was thinking about trying to do it with the AI.

The main issue I’m trying to think of with regards to using the AI, is how to get them to patrol certain areas, without their routes being directly controlled by me as the player. I was thinking about maybe setting the four corners of the map to rotate as the AI’s objective, so that the AI models would still move around, but most would still stay within a general area (so Objective results would see them move towards the top right, then the bottom right, then the bottom left, then the top left, sort of circling or going back and forth down a corridor). I was wondering if anyone had tried anything similar or had any other ideas for doing this sort of mission? :slight_smile:

One of the official AI missions does this; I think it’s one in the AI handbook download.


Hi Alaiteir,

You’re definitely thinking along the right lines. As Noisy Assassin mentioned, one of the scenarios in the AI Handbook I wrote (downloadable from the Modiphius site) is a scenario where the player is trying to sneak into a camp patrolled by Super Mutants. It includes a couple of extra situational rules which mean you can even try to distract and lure the SMs away. The Handbook also has more information on how the AI can be utilised to give lots of different behaviours.




Ah got it, thanks! I’d looked through the AI scenarios in the campaign handbook, but hadn’t realised there was an AI handbook. I’ll download it now :slight_smile:

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I have been thinking of doing a stealth mission too. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I was going to try taking an arrow marker and just flipping it for a movement direction. But my idea was smaller focused, like a sole survivor vs a behemoth or a sentry bot.

The Co-op Handbook also has some good content too as all three scenarios in it include AI settings. The ‘Into the Sewer’ scenario is the one Chris and I played at Beasts of War last year and they posted the video of our full playthrough on their site. ‘Blood Cage’ is an interesting scenario as there are just 2 player models which are tied together via a chain through the floor and need to co-operate in order to move around so they can find weapons with which to defend themselves (and potentially break the chain).


The Blood Cage scenario is on my list of ones to try, it looks like a really interesting idea for a game!

I absolutely love this playthrough and have watched possibly a little too much :upside_down_face:

The highlights for me would be the look shared by Chris and James when the Deathclaw fails its final chance to appear randomly, and James’ periodic encouragement to “blow up the car” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This playthrough is fantastic.

Great to hear you liked the playthrough. It was a lot of fun to do. No-one ever blows up the car when I tell them to…

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, you can view it here:


I’ll have to give that a watch!

Have you guys considered doing ‘battle reports’ or anything like that?

I also tend to make it that if you roll a flee option for the AI when they’re not aware then roll a random direction for them to head for this turn to represent them getting bored

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