Starting a new group in North (Greater) London!

Hey everyone! I just moved to London (the Barnet area) from the US and so I can’t really play with my old group anymore! (We still play Vampire on discord, but can’t do 3 games a week with em like I used to) and so I’m hoping to start up an in-person STA game. We would meet once a month, still trying to figure out where. Not just an STA game though, but a chapter of STARFLEET, International. A massive unofficial Star Trek fanclub that’s been around for 46 years. We’d also have viewing parties, board game nights (I really want to try Star Trek Ascendancy) and other stuff. There’s no way to Private Message on these forums but if you’re interested drop a reply here or drop a line to coridan1984 at gmail

Mods if this kind of post isn’t allowed I sincerely apologize.


I have sent you a PM on Reddit. I am quite happy to meet if you are interested as I am local to the area.

Welcome to Blighty

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Indeed welcome, you have impeccable timing :smiley:

Depending on the scheduling, I might be interested (I live on the south coast and commute to London, so evenings are problematic). Not so hot on the SFI element though.

I would be interested in learning more…

Go ahead and send me an email then, meetings/games would be once a month on a Sunday afternoon.

Coridan, you’re good. I hopecit all comes together for you. Keep your eues open on Facebook abd here as the Modiphius staff pretty often has advertised get togethers around London to play various games.

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I also sent you guys my CV lol. I love your company.

The date and time are now confirmed, Enfield Town Library, 1-3pm on Sunday 6th October. Open to the public and all ages!


If I could only afford the plane/boat fare!