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UK Games Expo - Games Available

Hi all,

For those interested, I will be running three separate sessions of Star Trek Adventures at the UK Games Expo this year, there will be two separate sessions on the Friday, and one on the Saturday morning. Each is a separate, standalone adventure, and as per all RPGs at the Expo, it’s £4 per player (Expo, not me!).

Take a look if you’re going to be there, would be great to run for some of you guys!

For yet another year, I wont be able to attend as I have an important examination the following week that I’ll have to revise for.

Hopefully I’ll be at next years and play then. Have fun running your games!

Sorry to hear that, I wasn’t able to make it last year and was so gutted! May be back next year though, so keep your eyes out!

I really must try and make it up to Brum at some point - I understand this is quite a good event!

Unfortunately, I live on the south coast, so it’s quite the trip…

It really is, volunteering can help with the cost side of things if that’s an issue, but not much to be done about the distance. Well, other than make a weekend out of it!!!