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Starbases - Mission Profiles?

Are the starbase examples listed in the Command Sourcebook (p. 96) considered to have Mission Profile values included?

Or do Starbases not have the Framework/Mission Profile setup?

Due to the limited space to discuss them in the Command sourcebook, the example Starbases presented there are complete, rather than using the Framework/Mission Profile setup used for starships.

Thanks Nathan. :slight_smile:

Is it safe to say that the mission profiles would be the same, but maybe worded a bit differently? I was thinking about maybe putting something like that together for folks to use… unless there’s an official version or such in the pipeline? :smile:

I have a question about a possible Homerule:
Maybe Starbases could have two Mission Profiles?
For every of twelve characteristics a starbase use the worst of the two values, but get a talent from both profiles?
The idea is, that starbases are constructed as civilian and military installations

I would say no to that houserule.

Starbases are constructed as either Civillian or Military Installations not both. Yes, they sometimes are used as both, but they do have a primary function when they are built.

Examples: Supply Depot, Shipyard, Support Station, Listening Post, Trading Post, Front-Line Defense

You’re not going to be able to have both a Trading Post and a Front Line Defense starbase. Those are set up completely different. Yes, you may be able to use a station set up for one thing initially as 2 different ones later on, but initially, they are set up for one purpose.

I agree. It would be better to come up with some sensible mission profiles for starbases. @SSiron’s examples are pretty good. Two mission profiles does not make sense, even less so for some of the starship mission profiles.

The mission profiles does not necessarily define what the starbase does right now. Deep Space 9 was originally an ore processing center (which I guess would be the Support Station profile), but now it is both an important trading post and front-line defense station.

It seems to me that these would be more the Starbase Type (Spaceframe)? Then you could use the Starship Mission Profiles with those frames to make about any combination. You could have the Types in small, medium or large too…

For Example:

  • Space Station K7 would be a Small Supply Depot with the Pathfinder Profile

  • Regula-1 would be a Small Research Station with the Technical Testbed Mission Profile

  • DS 9 would be a Medium Support Station, initially with the Strategic and Diplomatic Operations profile, and later shifting over to the Tactical Operations profile.


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I disagree with that. I mean, DS9 started off as a Cardassian Ore Processing station, as Shran mentioned. During the series, they covered the refit/upgrade of the station just before the Dominion War that outfitted it with more phasers and torpedo launchers and enhanced shields.

Also, why would you have an immovable station with a Pathfinder Profile? Using the starship mission profiles (especially the names) doesn’t make much sense for a starbase that is effectively stationary.

In that example, the frame for K7 could be an early model Deep Space station with a Supply Depot mission Profile.

Regula-1 could be a basic station with the Research and Development Lab mission profile.

DS9 would be a Cardassian Nor- class frame (they had multiple stations of the same type performing various functions) initially with a Supply Depot mission Profile, and later upgraded to a Front-Line Defense mission Profile.

I think Starbases should have different mission profiles than Starships. (They might have the same basic statistics as starship counterpoints, but they definitely need a bit of adjustment due to the starbases not being as mobile as starships. Also some talents should not be available to Starbases, like Improved Impulse, Improved Warp Drive, others along those lines.) The names especially should be a little different. Especially in the case of the Pathfinder mission profile.

If all we are going to do is rename them, then the Scientific and Survey Operations could be the effective equivalent of the Research and Development Lab mission Profile. Tactical Operations could be the equivalent of the Front Line Defense mission Profile, Pathfinder and Recon or Multirole Explorer could be the equivalent of the Support Station, Technical Test Bed could be the Shipyard Mission Profile, Crisis and Emergency Response could be the equivalent of a Medical Support mission profile…

Many ship mission profiles don’t make sense, including Pathfinder since they grant Talents like Improved Reaction Control System and Improved Warp Drive. Also, a station is not an “Explorer”. You could of course map the starship Mission Profiles to starbase ones, you would just have to adjust the Talent selection.

Expanding on @SSiron’s examples you could do this:

  • Strategic and Diplomatic Operations :point_right: Administration
  • Pathfinder and Reconnaissance Operations :point_right: Commerce and Recreation
  • Technical Testbed :point_right: Support and Maintenance
  • Tactical Operations :point_right: Strategic Defense
  • Scientific and Survey Operations :point_right: Research and Observation
  • Crisis and Emergency Response :point_right: Emergency Supply Depot
  • Multirole Explorer :point_right: Education and Training
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I completely agree with both posts. :slight_smile:

I like that remapping and new names. I think ill see about putting a document of some kind together that folks can use until something official shows up. I’d be glad to brainstorm with both of you (and whoever else is willing) to make it a useful tool :slight_smile:


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Here is what I would suggest for reworked talents (not all the talents for the profiles need to be reworked, but some need to be):

Possibly changing the name of Command Ship to Sector Command

Replace Improved RCS and Improved Warp Drive with Docking Capacity and Extensive Shuttlebays

Replace Advanced Shields and Improved Warp Drive with Docking Capacity and Repair Crews

Replace Improved Impulse with Firebase, Enhanced Defense Grid, and Sturdy Construction

Add Dedicated Personnel (Science)

Add Dedicated Personnel (Medical)

Add Sturdy Construction to the list of available talents.

That is what I can think of off of the top of my head so far. That’s just the mission profiles, though…

For the actual space frames… That is where it is a bit trickier. We would have to come up with new ones from scratch. (since the two examples in the Command Division aren’t really much to go on as a whole.)

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I think this page would give a good sample to work with:

I would call the K-7 something like the Kepler-Class Station, and the upgraded version from “The Ultimate Computer” (Remastered) is mentioned on there as a Vanguard-Class station.

A Regula-Class station, if look at the old Regula 1 plans from FASA, shows how one frame would adapt/change based on the Mission profile.

I’ll be looking a Memory-Alpha and Memory-Beta as well for ideas. Any ideas/references on Non-Federation facilities? We have the Cardassian Nor-class for DS9, but offhand i cant recall any representations of starbases for other cultures.

Another thought. In TOS especially there were several instances of a Starbase X being a ground facility. Is it assumed that such locations usually have something like a Drydock at least for tepairs in orbit?

Continuing Mission did attempt to do something like this before. (Pre Command Division book). One way we could do this would be to take the rules provided in the Command Division, add what we like from what Continuing Mission put together (in my opinion, maybe just some of the suggested talents) and add it to what we come up with.

As for the ground-based Starbases, I don’t think those necessarily had drydocks in orbit. Most were simply (from what I read on Memory-Alpha a while back) outposts or ground bases set up in some systems.

In regards to other species/powers starbases, I have no clue about that. The only one I really recall with any clarity is the Nor-class from the Cardassians. Obviously the Klingons and Romulans have their own versions of space stations, but I don’t recall ever seeing any in the series.

Thank you! I had missed those Continuing Mission articles.

I agree too that borrowing/modifying some of those Frames/Talents/Traits, etc and expanding on then some will be the way to go.

In doing some digging, these are the various ‘named’ starbase types I could find. This might be enough to go forward with? (Kepler was actually just K7 type, but sounded like a reasonable substitution.)

Kepler-Class (Outpost K-7)
Spacedock / Stardock
Terok Nor (Cardassian (DS9))
Ty’Gokor (Klingon)

Any other suggestions?


My suggestion (for both names and basic stats for them):

Sigma-class (Possibly use Continuing Mission’s Sigma as a starting point and alter it slightly)
McKinley-Class (Use the Deep Space example from Command Division book for the base of this one)
Spacedock / Stardock (Use the Front Line Starbase from Command Division for this one)
Nor Class (DS9/Cardassian stations, possibly use the Continuing Mission example as a starting point)
Ty’Gokor (Klingon)

I just realized there could be a Hubble-Class too to represent the Deep Space Communication/Scientific Arrays… That would let the McKinley-Class do mostly Admin/Drydock/Construction duties…

There’s also this:

The one shown in the Buckingham link is what Continuing Mission labeled the Sigma class…

At least, picture wise it is the same.

I also just realized that’s Narendra Station in the Beta Quadrant Book on page 122. :slight_smile:

Uh… Nope, that’s a completely different station design. Narendra Station is closer to a smaller-scale Stardock.