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Starbases - Mission Profiles?

Ok, a bit more digging, and this is what i’m going with for the frames.

Kepler Class (TOS: K7)
Vanguard Class (TOS-R: Ultimate Computer)
Tellar Class (Narendra Station/Starbase 364)
McKinley Class (‘Drydocks’/Construction)
Terra Class (Spacedock)
Solar Class (Jupiter Station)
Sigma Class (Regula 1)
Buckingham Class (unseen)
Terok Nor Class (Cardassian (DS9))
Ty’Gokor (Klingon)

The Sigma Class article mentions the office complex from TMP and Regula as models of that class, so that helped there. :slight_smile: Terra just seems an appropriate class name for Spacedock, and the same can be said with Tellar for the Narendra Station class.

Jupiter Station never really had any kind of name other than that, so Solar was the random winner.

That gives 10 frames, 8 Federation, and 2 others, which seems comparable to the CRB and ship frames.

The Buckingham class (from the link you provided) is the same station as a Sigma and the Regula station. (Regula station had a ‘mission profile’ attachment build onto the bottom of it that made it look a little different, otherwise it is the same.)

I prefer going with the Sigma classification over the Buckingham Class. They could have simply named the station itself as Buckingham Station…

I’m not sure I agree with the Tellar and Terra class names, either. Why not simply refer to the class itself (for Earth Spacedock) as Stardock/Spacedock class, partly to avoid confusion. Or have that type named the Sol class. For Narendra, I would suggest going with a Sol Class with a different ‘Mission Profile’ than Earth Stardock, but it is essentially the same type of station.

Here is my suggestion for the class names:

Echo Class (Communication Relay Station)
Kepler Class (K7)
Watchtower Class (Vanguard, TOS-R: Ultimate Computer)
McKinley Class Drydocks
Sol Class (Stardock/Spacedock, Narendra Station)
Helios Class (Jupiter Station)
Sigma Class (Buckingham/Regula 1)
Nor Class (Cardassian/ DS9)
Ty’Gokor Class (Klingon)
Ejyowaw Class (Klingon)

(You keep calling the class as Terok Nor… and it makes me twitch. That’s like calling the class of vessel an Enterprise Constitution or Enterprise Galaxy…)

It is indeed Narendra station, also on pg 2 of Beta Quadrant

Yes, those two images are of Narendra Station. That fact is not what I was arguing. I was arguing that Narendra station is not the same type as a Sigma or the Buckingham Sation he linked earlier.

Here are my suggestions for the stations:

Unfortunately to see it as intended, you might need to download it. Or at least click to download, and open in browser instead of downloading.

Do you think, there could/should be a sourcebook solely for Starbases?
I mean the bases differ extremely from ships and a sourcebook could also show the different approaches of different races or “empires”.

I would like one, but I honestly don’t see it happening. Mainly for the reason that most groups are playing on a ship, and the most they will do is this:

“You stop by Starbase 24, have a little down time, get repairs, and pick up new crew members. And now you are off to the … sector…”

Or quick stops between missions at Narendra Station. Starbase/Space Station/Outpost/Colony campaigns are the minority of play options. They may be a fun idea, but putting them into practice would be difficult, especially on people who aren’t used to GMing. (Like me, but I’ve been working on my campaign ideas for over a year now.)

Ok, as an ST Vanguard and Starfleet Museum fan, I have to be picky: neither Vanguard itself (Starbase 47) or the station seen in the TOS-R are “Vanguard-class”.

Vanguard is a J-class station (as seen at

The TOS-R station is fairly a G-class station and considerably smaller than Vanguard. The showrunners scaled it down so it didn’t dwarf the vessels.

Otherwise, I wholeheartedly applaud this effort!

Have you thought about adding in the Alamo defence station from FASA Trek? It seems to be intended to be a semi-mobile fire platform to place near sensitive sites.

A Sourcebook for starbases would also give another opportunity for releasing more ship frames. Maybe even some new mission profiles!

I was not aware of that. I swear I saw on either Memory-Alpha or Memory-Beta about that being the name. So, Type-G (Goliath?) and Type-J (Jupiter?) stations in addition?

RIght now I want to stick to non-FASA/LUG/DecTrek versions for the initial document. However, later expansions are probable. :slight_smile:

Starbase 6 was designed off the larger model with a few tweaks to suit the show.

Ok, so rename the Watchtower Class in my proposed starbases to J class, and add a G class smaller starbase to the list.

Also, I think we should really figure out how to interpret the scale of the Starbases, because the scale I used for mine was an estimated guess. However, looking at this, I think we need to figure it out before we get too heavy on it…

Also, we need to figure out which stations we are going to focus on. I suggest we worry about creating the frames for the following ones, and ignore base drydock stations, because those are basically just frames to hold ships in place, not full stations (Also, I think if it uses the same model, it’s the same class, just a special station and we don’t need to list every station, and also decide which era they fall into):

G Class (Fed, TOS)
J Class (Fed, TOS)
K Class (Fed, TOS-TNG)
Helios Class (Jupiter Station, Fed)
Copernicus Class Station (Fed, TNG)
Sigma Class (Fed, TOS-TNG)
Spacedock (Fed, TOS-TNG)
Stardock (Fed, ENT)
Ty’Gokor Class (Klingon, TOS-TNG)
Ejyowaw Class (Klingon, TNG)
Nor Class (Cardassian, TOS-TNG)
Kelvas Repair Station (Cardassian, TNG)

I think during the TNG era, they would have replaced a lot of the G and J type stations with newer stations.

C[quote=“SSiron, post:32, topic:5073”]
Also, I think we should really figure out how to interpret the scale of the Starbases, because the scale I used for mine was an estimated guess. However, looking at this, I think we need to figure it out before we get too heavy on it…

Ok, looking at the Core Book:

Borg Sphere (Tactical Sphere) - Scale 7
Borg Cube (Assimilation Cube) - Scale 13

G = 4
J = 5
K = 4
Helios = 8
Copernicus = 9
Sigma = 6
Spacedock (TOS movies) = 13
Stardock = 6
Starbase 74 = 16
Ty’Gokor = 7
Ejyowaw = 10
Nor = 10
Kelvas = 12


I would go with these scales…
G = 4
J = 5
K = 4
Helios = 6
Copernicus = 10
Sigma = 8
Spacedock (TOS movies/Starbase 74) = 14
Stardock = 6
Ty’Gokor = 8
Ejyowaw = 10
Nor = 8
Kelvas = 10

(I don’t think Earth Spacedock and Starbase 74 are that far apart in size as shown in the pictures, not to mention the estimated length of them is not the same in each picture. Even so, they are the same frame, just special case on scale. Also, the Tactical Sphere is roughly the same size as a Nor class and Sigma Station.)

I updated the base sheet, and also adjusted some of the stats… I edited the Copernicus Class station to resemble the Front Line Defense station systems, and adjusted the Stardock/Spacedock stats as well.

Deep Space 9 (Terok-Nor, Cardassian Nor-Type Station) is listed to be Scale 12.

That was chosen because of the way Scale 12 interacts with the docking rules I wrote - you can dock Scale 6 ships on the pylons.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. Coincidentally, I thought about a talent for drydock or shipyard stations that would modify the scale when it comes to docking etc. keeping a lower scale when it comes to support crew etc. to represent a relatively small station in terms of personnel being very large in terms of architecture.

Should this be abandoned and simply moved to a trait?

Further to this @Modiphius-Nathan, none of the starbases have Tractor Beams. I assume this is an oversight. If so, what strength should they be?

There is a talent for that purpose, in the Starbases section of the Command book. DS9 has that talent. But the station is also huge.