Star base design

Is there any material out there on how to create a star base? I’m going to attempt to create one for my real life group.

Command division has some stuff, and theres a few good things on Continuing Missions

Starbase creation is a bit wierd in that Scale works entirely differently for them than it does for starships. Ruleswise, a starbase’s (supposed) number of docking ports is more important to determining its Scale than mere size. And it doesn’t help that we only have two Modiphius-published examples of starbases, namely Deep Space 9 and Starbase 364 (aka Narendra Station), both of which are Scale 12, so we can’t extrapolate very much from those two. Another wrinkle is that both starbase examples in the Command book are rather generic, are only Scale 8 and Scale 10, and don’t seem to have classes like starships do.

For what it’s worth, though, I took the rules in the Command Division book and managed to extrapolate a few man-made starbases and made PDFs for them here. I did what I could to write them up as starbase classes with interesting descriptions/overviews/capabilities/etc.

Aaaaaand I also have to admit that I fudged the Docking Capacity slightly on these write-ups to match what we’ve seen onscreen versus what the rules say. For instance, the K-class starbase is roughly Scale 8, which by the rules as written would give it four docking points big enough for a Constitution class. But in the TOS episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” we never see the USS Enterprise actually dock with the K-7 station, nor do we see any visible docking ports onscreen that could accomodate the Enterprise. This is why I give the K-class starbase a Docking Capacity of “none” in my write-up rather than the 4 it would have if I followed the published starbase creation rules as written. I did something similar with the Lotus-class starbase, but in the other direction since it visually has more docking points than the rules as written would allow for.

One other deviation from the starbase rules as written which you should be aware of is that I gave my starbases (with the exception of the K-class) Strength 5 tractor beams since tractor beams would seem to be a necessity for parking starships at starbases. None of the published Modiphius starbases have tractor beams so feel free to ignore my Tractor Beam stats if you want.

Anyhoo, I hope you find these starbases useful!

Is there a build of Starbes 364 aka Narendra Station?

Narendra Station is statted inside the Shackleton Expanse Campaign book. And many of us geeks rejoiced and squee’d something fierce when it finally came out. I felt as if I had been waiting for those stats forever. :heart_eyes:

To be specific, Narendra Station is statted as an individual station, not as a class. Same as with DS9 in the DS9 character sheet PDF.


Found it, thanks.

What’s interesting is that the command division says bases of *scale 9 or higher* have an amount of docking ports, but then immediately uses an example scale 8 with the same rules given for 9 or higher. So, rules as written, K7 at scale 8 wouldn’t necessarily have docking ports.

That’s actually a very good point. The K-class’ visual lack of docking ports was a detail I made sure to address in its write-up, but I forgot that it was something that could also be accounted for in the rules as written.

Something else I just noticed and needed to correct after just going back and looking at my K-class write-up is its Power stat. The K-class has an Engine stat of 8 and I gave the K-class the Secondary Reactors Talent but forgot to add the +5 to Power 8. I just corrected that in my K-class PDF and it’s ready for re-download.