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Narendra Station

What type of station is Narendra Station? I’m leaning toward making it a Starbase 375 type, but was wondering what everyone else did. Did you leave it up to the players, or did you go with the default Spacedock type?

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From the official artwork, it looks like the child of the spacedock and 375-type.

The station might feature in season 3 of our campaign, and I’ll likely use that artwork as a template. A Spacedock is too huge for me.


Narendra Station is unique, though based on traditional Federation designs (but much smaller than Spacedock). It’ll appear in the upcoming Shackleton supplement.

If you look at the images in the core and Beta Q book, it’s large enough to house shuttles and runabouts and other small craft, but larger vessels dock on the outside, along the perimeter.


LOL, I just looked in the STARBASE 364 AND THE SHACKLETON EXPANSE doc and saw that photo.

Yeah, Narendra Station isn’t all that big, but according to the Okudagram in Beta Q, page 2, it has 72(!) phaser turrets. It also has 8 docking ports around its circumference. Without specific measurements, I couldn’t say with any certainty what its Scale is, but I highly doubt it’s any larger than Scale 5 or 6 at the most. Hell, it’s likely significantly smaller than DS9 (which for my own reasons I fan-rate at Scale 8 instead of the official stats of Scale 12, but that’s another conversation entirely). It’s definitely no Spacedock, that’s for sure.

Any plans for a Narendra Station book and deckplans. No need to detail everything, a large general layout map and then smaller maps of important locations.

Interested in your reasoning that it would be smaller than DS9? I view it as THE major facility for both Starfleet and the Klingon empire in Shackleton, so I’d assume it wouldnt be tiny. Scale 5 would be smaller than some starships.

From the number of docking ports you’ve picked out and following the command division rule set, it would either need to be something like scale 6 with the Docking capacity talent, or scale 16. I don’t think either of these are right though.

With the examples in that book and the description we have I’m guessing it will be closer to the front line starbase, but uniquely different to highlight it as a campaign setting location. The Klingon influence has also no doubt had some interesting consequences in regards to the design

@Modiphius-Jim You wouldn’t be able to tell us whether there’ll be stats in the upcoming Shackleton Campaign Setting, would you? :slight_smile:

Yes, stats in the Shackleton book for Narendra Station. I’d be lynched if they weren’t in there. :smiley:

And spoiler, it’s Scale 12. EDIT to add: Though that might change in the final. We’re finalizing art and I’ll make sure the stat block reflects the art and number of docking ports depicted.


A space station in a place with temporal problème…I can’t help thinking about Babylon 4…

No one ever listens to Zathras. “Quite mad,” they say. It is good that Zathras does not mind. Has even grown to like it. Oh, yes


Upon further reflection, as well as looking at the Narendra artwork showing the Bellerophon actually docked at the station (and also has the Venture and the Thunderchild close by), I’ve come to the conclusion that Narendra Station is bigger than I thought. I originally thought the Bellerophon was flying over the station from that perspective, not actually docked with it. Even so, if the Bellerophon really is docked with SB 364 in that picture, then the station’s diameter can’t be more than 3 times the length of the Bellerophon (3 x 343 meters [length of an Intrepid-class] = 1,029 meters). DS9’s diameter is 1,452 meters, which is half again my estimated size of SB 364.

But yeah, I’m talking out of my @$$ here because I’m eyeballing this without any actual measurements of SB 364.

But my biggest issue with DS9 being rated Scale 12 is that would put it close in size to a Scale 13 Borg Cube. But a Borg Cube friggin’ dwarfs DS9. Just look here and compare the two. There’s no way that DS9 could only be one step down in Scale from a Cube with that disparity in size IMHO…

EDIT: And don’t forget that the Planet Killer from “The Doomsday Machine” is also rated Scale 12 and it dwarfs DS9 in that picture as well despite supposedly being the same Scale of 12.

Zathras is used to being beast of burden to other people’s needs. Very sad life. Probably have very sad death. But at least there is symmetry!

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