Station-Based Aventures

Hey all! I’m considering buying the 2 “adventure” books (i.e. Strange New Worlds and whatever the other is called). But, I’m curious if anyone can indicate how many/if there are any station-based adventures.

I’ve started a campaign on Narendra station and have an overarching plot I’m building out. But, weekly adventures is already looking like it’s going to cause me to fall behind.

The last thing I want to do is skimp on the quality. So, I’m curious about anything that can help. Already weaving in Living Campaign stories and open to other non-station adventures of course. But, if there’s any station-centered adventures, it will probably be enough to get me to invest in the PDF at least.

Your response is much appreciated!

Hmm, let’s see. “Plague of Arias” and “The Shepherd” in These are the Voyages could be adapted to be set on a space station readily enough. Strange New Worlds has a couple adventures (“Footfall” and “Angstrom Operation”) that are set on colonies that could probably be adjusted to be stations instead. The other adventures in the two books are more meant for ship-based campaigns, though they could be modified to be used with a station crew, maybe one using a runabout or something akin to many DS9 episodes.

Most of the living campaign adventures are ship-based, though some of them (esp some of the TNG-era adventures) have scenes meant to be on Narendra Station (or another station).

Hoping to develop some dedicated station adventures eventually.


This is topical: my group is about to start a new campaign on Saturday that’s based on a new Deep Space station. So I’ve been pretty keen find any station-based adventures to use as part of that campaign. And sadly, I haven’t found any.

Jim’s right that lots of adventures can be adapted. But STA seems oriented around the “ship travelling from world to world” model (which, let’s face it, is how most of the shows are set up). But if you’re looking for station adventure that’s all set up out of the box, you’re not going to find it in any of the existing published adventures.


Thanks guys! Jim, that may still be enough to push me over the edge and buy them both. Adapting adventures is still easier than creating them from scratch!

After scanning through The Living Campaign, I did decide to do a Defiant-like situation and give the station a Nova-class ship for them to use. So, that’s how they’ll be tackling much of those adventures. But, adapting colony-based adventures sounds like it could work out.

So, definitely would love to see some dedicated station adventures!

And in the meantime, thanks!