Has anyone ever designed a starbase sheet?

Try as I may, I haven’t found anything resembling a STA style starbase sheet, either in Modiphius’ format or anything else. At the very least it would need markings for at least 12 breaches, 16 if we want a sheet that could accommodate a write-up of Spacedock. I’ll have to ask Cory Belote for help with this eventually, but has anyone else on these forums seen anything like a starbase sheet for STA?

This isn’t a “fillable” sheet, but here’s the station sheet I use for my Deep Space 11 campaign. Dunno if that helps or not.

BCing you

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It’s nice, BC, but it doesn’t have enough Breaches box for a Scale 8 station. That’s an issue that might need correction.

On a related note, Cory Belote emailed me the other day to let me know he’s been spending time trying to design a Modiphius-style starbase sheet. Unfortunately, his progress was interrupted by his cat who apparently thought his external drive looked better on the floor than on his desk. He managed to recover some of his work, so we’ll see.

I mentioned to Cory that a possible solution would be to design multiple versions of the starbase sheet to have different numbers of Scale/Breach boxes (ranging from 6 to 16) to accommodate different sizes/Scales of starbases. We’ll see what happens.