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Noticed you added a Romulan character sheet to the generator, any plans for Enterprise and Movie-era sheets?

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“Plans” is probably over-stating things. I confess that I’m constantly keeping my eyes peeled for stuff that gives me good ideas for nice-looking sheets. I’ve also been interested in branching out from TNG-era.

I can certainly add those ideas to the backlog; I do a lot of stuff based on things people ask for.

(Also: the Romulan sheet was pretty easy for me because someone else – Felderburg – did the layout and design work).


Well the ones by TabletopReview over at this site are what I’m thinking of.

Could a space be included for images? I would like to use the Star Trek Miniatures Maker to make character or NPC images and have them on the character sheet.

Hm, that’s a good question. The official sheets don’t have images… I’m not sure how viable it would be to squeexe the info in, but it depends on the sheet. Federation LCARS sheets do have some room because of the LCARS bars on the left, but KDF don’t really.

Yeah, it’s certainly a thing that’s on my mind at the moment. I suddenly have a desire to show character images/tokens on the character sheets.


:face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

The creator now has a token generator.


Needs more species. And more uniforms. And some beards.

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Nice! Would’ve missed that! :heart_eyes:
I love how it doesn’t involve a male/female dichotomy! Not needed and doesn’t bar options for no reasons. Yay!

One little thing: Some options are dependent on other choices, e.g. the earpiece to the character being Bajoran. I would like to propose an option to make all options available, regardless of prerequesites. IDIC! :smiley:

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Yeah, that’s mostly true except for the base body type. Eventually I found it the most self-explanatory to use male/female language there. I still angst a bit about nonbinary options.

That’s not a bad suggestion. Sometimes, I omit certain options because of complexity (for example, Bolian ears are unusually-shaped and it’s hard to figure out where I’d put the earrings). But if it’s just a matter of “only Bajorans wear Bajoran earrings”, you’re probably right.


Actually, I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it. After all, it’s only in the mouse-over. And besides a small hint at a bosom in the body type called “average female” that I didn’t even notice until now (what does that tell about my attention? :open_mouth: ), I would say both are pretty non-binary. Especially when used on a rounded image that crops the bosom. :wink:

Why do you fear non-binary options?
I’d even argue both options given already are non-binary; if you choose the right options, you can build portraits of either gender (and that’s rather cool, if you ask me!).

Of course, some options simply don’t go well in combination. But Orions are, plainly speaking, simply green Humans, and Deltans are, plainly speaking, bald Humans. I appreciate the effort to present short-cuts with “species”, but maybe these “human-like aliens” can be grouped together, expanding choice in the other creation steps?
Just an idea!!

“Fear” is definitely the wrong word. My angst is entirely based on presenting choices that centre gender as a binary. Non-binary bodies can appear in many ways, so it’s not like I can just provide a third option and call it “non-binary”.

One of the things I’d hoped to do is to provide more variety of body types – muscular bodies, amazonian bodies, twiggy bodies and so forth. But when you multiply that by number of uniforms, the number of art pieces starts to grow significantly. And while I haven’t really thrown that idea away, I think other things need to take higher priority.


The best creator I’ve seen for the gender subject is Hero Forge. They do have presets for male/female, but both are created using a single set of body sliders that can be adjusted in a plethora of ways. But a static token generator doesn’t have that freedom… and given github’s “commissioned” wording, I suspect lots of bodies would cost lots of money (especially if you’re planning on adding more uniforms and ranks).

I think they all look like they’re leaning forward oddly, but other than that it’s a swell addition. I especially like the differences between TOS vs TNG colors.

Personally I eagerly await the rest of the uniform types that are inevitably in the process.

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I have commissioned a largish number of items from an artist. But some of it I tackle myself. Especially where explaining the details will probably be tricky.

Possibly the most anxious-making thing about the entire process is that I hafta depend on my artist’s schedule for art delivery for any big new support. Like, I’m waiting on a new batch of pieces, now, and I just want them to arrive already! But I gotta respect that it takes him time, and there’s an inevitable back-and-forth of revision asks.

nod. Little details like that matter to me, so I’m glad you noticed.



explaining myself

The fine details in wording sometimes elude me and I was probably mislead by “german angst” which I would interpret as having a profound, but ill-founded, well, fear. Wrong word chosen because of wrong understanding of its meaning. No offense intended!

Would love to see that. Yet, I fully agree that other things need to take higher priority.

If only one could legally crowdfund this. No, seriously.

Indeed. No healthy posture. Mitigated with long hair, though. :slight_smile:

Not only to you. Btw. does Sam de Leve already know about the easter-egg in their honour? :wink:

I would really appreciate a Character sheet with a blank space just to insert a .jpg, .png, .svg file. I made some NPCs and used the little image generator hosted by continuing mission.

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Any plans to include Early DS9/Voyager Uniforms in the tokens soon?


Actually, it might be available in the latest update.

having difficulty giving straight answers today, I guess

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