Star Trek Adventures Online Character Generator

Thanks, great to know.

I also hope one day to see both versions of the TNG uniforms as well as the uniforms for TMP, DISCO, and PIC.

Hello! I absolutely love the online character generator. Excellent work. One issue for me, and perhaps I’m just missing something, is that the rank for a junior officer seems to default to Lieutenant Junior Grade. With the Lower Decks campaign guide now available, I need to create PCs with a rank of Ensign. Am I just missing something or if not, could you add the ability to choose Ensign for rank?

Think there’s a contact link in the builder. I suggest using that. I’m not sure BC spends much time here.

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I’ve submitted it on github: Young Officer rank choice · Issue #190 · bcholmes/StarTrek2d20 · GitHub

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The root problem relates to roles. The original rules assumed that characters would be department heads, and the roles influenced ranks: some roles – like Operations Manager or Conn Officer – allows one to be an Ensign but, say, the Chief Engineer can’t be lower than a Lt. J.G.

Characters in Lower Decks campaigns don’t tend to be department heads: they’re “Junior Engineer” or “Assistant Anthropologist” (which aren’t roles). I think we had a similar conversation about Cadets around this topic.

I can probably find a way to fiddle with User Interface to make this more intuitive.



Is anyone else having a problem accessing the site. When I go there I get: redirected you too many times.

Try deleting your cookies.


I deleted my cookies and still get an error message.

Same here.
Started temporary clone server.
Waiting for @bcholmes to respond.

Sorry about that. Should be resolved, now.


Up and running :slight_smile:
Thanks for your fast response :upside_down_face:

No problems accessing it now. Thanks for fixing it.

Hi @bcholmes just to let you know I submit in GDocs .csv a Brazilian Portuguese translation to be added to your amazing tool.
The book was released about a year ago in Portuguese and it would be great to be able to use the site’s tools with my players.

Thank you very much for your excellent work.


Hey. As I mentioned to you on GitHub, I’ve already put the Brazilian Portuguese translations onto the server, so you should have them available now.

I’m not gonna lie: I was pretty impressed by how quickly and thoroughly you went through that translation.



What are your plans for 2e? Are you going to have a choice between the two at the beginning? Or have them alongside one another? Or just have 2e?

Are you even going to add 2e? Lol

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Ha! I just had a (tongue in cheek) poll on Facebook on this very topic.

My thinking is to handle it in much the way I handle sources: based on sources selected, some functionality changes. If you include the 2nd edition core book as one of your sources, the generator will create a 2nd edition character for you.

Not only are there a number of people who want to stick with 1st edition, there are non-English countries that will probably take a while to have a 2nd edition version available (for example, someone from Brazil recently provided a bunch of translations for Portuguese: I had the impression that their translated edition was fairly new on the market. It will probably take time for 2nd edition to come there). So I’ll keep the 1st edition support available for a while.

I’ve already started working on stuff that I know about (and I don’t know anything more than what’s in the Quickstart – I get no special advance peek): for example, if you’re building a 2e character, the heading will say “Departments”, rather than “Disciplines”).



Is there a way yet to import the Token onto the Character sheet?

I would love for players to have that visual, as well as images for Support, Minor and Major NPCs.

Thank you for all you do!

That would be soooo cool !

By the way, How is the french translation going? Do you need a hand?

There isn’t yet, sadly. Part of the issue is that the character sheets are pretty packed, and I haven’t yet come up with a design (other than the Captain’s Log one) that has a place for a picture.

But the other quibble is that the there’s no current way to associate a token with a character. I have some thoughts about how to do that. Just haven’t had the time yet.


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I think the fan who’s been providing most of the French translations hasn’t had much time to spend on them for a while.

I’d never turn down help with translation. I have some notes over here about how stuff gets translated. Basically, there’s a big spreadsheet that has a lot of the translation text in it. French currently has a lot of gaps.


Do you know which uniforms you’re going to add next? I know not everyone is a fan, but I’m very much looking forward to TMP era uniforms.

Not in any rush, I’m just curious as to what’s next on your obviously-clean-as-a-whistle schedule…

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Thank you for looking into it.

I am nostalgic for the 1E D&D sheets that had a little corner to make your own character portrait.