Star Trek Adventures Online Character Generator

Thanks, great to know.

I also hope one day to see both versions of the TNG uniforms as well as the uniforms for TMP, DISCO, and PIC.

Hello! I absolutely love the online character generator. Excellent work. One issue for me, and perhaps I’m just missing something, is that the rank for a junior officer seems to default to Lieutenant Junior Grade. With the Lower Decks campaign guide now available, I need to create PCs with a rank of Ensign. Am I just missing something or if not, could you add the ability to choose Ensign for rank?

Think there’s a contact link in the builder. I suggest using that. I’m not sure BC spends much time here.

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I’ve submitted it on github: Young Officer rank choice · Issue #190 · bcholmes/StarTrek2d20 · GitHub

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The root problem relates to roles. The original rules assumed that characters would be department heads, and the roles influenced ranks: some roles – like Operations Manager or Conn Officer – allows one to be an Ensign but, say, the Chief Engineer can’t be lower than a Lt. J.G.

Characters in Lower Decks campaigns don’t tend to be department heads: they’re “Junior Engineer” or “Assistant Anthropologist” (which aren’t roles). I think we had a similar conversation about Cadets around this topic.

I can probably find a way to fiddle with User Interface to make this more intuitive.



Is anyone else having a problem accessing the site. When I go there I get: redirected you too many times.

Try deleting your cookies.


I deleted my cookies and still get an error message.

Same here.
Started temporary clone server.
Waiting for @bcholmes to respond.

Sorry about that. Should be resolved, now.


Up and running :slight_smile:
Thanks for your fast response :upside_down_face:

No problems accessing it now. Thanks for fixing it.