Star Trek Adventures Online Character Generator

I prefer your two page version, as I like the rules breakdowns available for quick reference.

A little less !
I’ll be back !

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Ok I’m done for today… :yawning_face:

More or less all the corebook is translated, as well as the "app specific * " and “game specific”
The solo/early outlook/utopiaplanitia etc part is still to be done.
The problem is that there is no official translation of these books yet to my knowledge.

I could translate it myself, but “my” translation will conflict with the “canon” translation whenever there is one.
And it is a huge job.
Should I?

Thanks for the app, :kissing_heart: and the opportunity to contribute ! It will be MUCH better if my player can understand the talents etc to chose , without having me to translate !

Let me know when it’s online ! I’ll send my players looking for error while they create their character :smiling_imp:

  • Ho, and I didn’t and will never do the hair and nose etc translation… soooo many of them, soooo difficult to translate and soooo… pointless ! I mean, the image is self explanatory, right !!! :grin:

I certainly don’t have a “fixed in stone” order that I’ve been tackling them in. I’ve kinda-sorta been thinking about tackling the Discover 23rd-Century uniforms next. But often hearing that someone is keen about a particular thing prompts me to bump that up the priority list.


I can understand how, if it’s a big job, you’d rather not undertake that now. But even if you did a translation now, it could always be changed, later, to bring it in line with the official one.

Thanks for the translations. Can I credit you on the credits page? As djapipol, or something else?


Also: I’ve pushed a new version, now.

no credit needed ! But you/people can contact me if any specific need or error !

Ok ! some more french to update ! Translation takes more time than copy/pasting from a PDF, lol !

When you’re choosing a mission profile, the stats have been translated, but not the talents. I couln’t find where to change it…
any idea?

I think that’s a gap on my end. I’ll need to fix that.

Thanks for pointing it out!