Star Trek Adventures Errata

Credit for this list goes to the various members of the old forum with spcific mention to ShadowWalker who originally collated and updated it.

I aim to keep this list as current as possible and only for actual discrepancies. i.e. spelling and grammar errors, mathematical errors, inconsistancies etc.

This errata list is for ALL published products and has been confirmed using freshly downloaded files from DriveThruRPG.

Please post any corrections, amendments and missed items below and I will incorporate it into this list.

Date of Errata List: 01/10/2018

Core Rulebook

Bookmark 09.40: “Starhsip Profiles”. Should be “Starship Profiles”
Bookmark 10.80: Duplicate bookmarks one in all CAPS “Planet Creation”
Bookmark 11.10: Bookmark links to chapter 12.00
Page 111: “Symbiote” is used. Correct term is “Symbiont”
Page 130: Text colour is white making reading the sheet impossible [SE only]
Page 235: Danube: Attacks: ‘‘Phaser bank’’ - it should be ‘‘Bank’’.
Page 334: “Defence” should be “Defense” as the default has been stated to be American English

Beta Quadrant

Page 2: Hangar misspelled as Hanger
Page 13: Starfleet Medical: ‘’…every species in the Galaxy,…’’ Galaxy does not make sense in context.
Page 77: Benzite should have “opposable thumbs” not “apposable thumbs”
Page 79 & 85: Zakdorn in Random Species Table under TOS, however main species entry listed as TNG only.
Page 81: “… as the first Klingon to graduate of Starfleet Academy.” Should read either “… as the first Klingon graduate of Starfleet Academy.” or “… as the first Klingon to graduate from Starfleet Academy.”
Page 82: Industrious Mind. “…GM’s permission.” Inconsistent use of GM instead of “Gamemaster”
Page 83: Xindi Arboreal: ‘’…Xindi are a contrast some of their cousins on Xindus in that…’’. This doesn’t seem to make grammatical sense. Either ‘’…Xindi are a contrast to some…’’ or “Xindi contrast some of their cousins”
Page 88 to 100: All starships have ‘‘SPECIAL’’ in their stats instead of ‘‘SPECIAL RULES’’. All text below ‘‘Special’’ is in orange font instead of the default. Entries that are ‘‘Talents’’ should have added ‘’(Talent)’’ at the end. This is in line with the Core Rulebook
Page 89: Ablative Armour sidebar: with the changes to Raptor’s Resistance it is no longer valid and should be removed.
Page 89: K’tinga: Power 8 is wrong - it should be 9 because of Engines 9. Special: ‘‘Cloaking Devices’’ - it should be ‘‘Device’’.
Page 93: Romulan Scout sidebar: it shows ‘‘DISRUPTOR BEAM WEAPON’’ at the front of the ship but its stats on the same Page show ‘‘Disruptor Cannons = pulse firing weapons.
Page 95: Orion Blackguard: Special Rules: it cannot have a Command Ship Talent because it has Command 2 and Requirement for it is 3+.
Page 99: Transports: Power 7 is wrong - it should be 8 because of Engines 8.
Page 109: Orion Slaver: Stress 9 is wrong - it should be 10 because Fitness 8 + Security 2 = 10.
Page 111: Orion Executive Officer: Dagger damage 1 is wrong - it should be 3 because basic dagger’s damage of 1 + Security 2 = 3.
Page 112: Orion Engineer: Special Rules: ‘’…, the Overseer may re-roll a single d20.’’ - it should be ‘’…,the Engineer…’’.
Page 126: “Defence” should be “Defense” as the default has been stated to be American English

Command Division

Page 37: Operation Command: ‘’…An unusual type of command as few admirals have the Starfleet-renowned specific expertise desirable this role…’’ - it should be ‘’…desirable for this role…’’.
Page 39: Fleet Liaison Officer: ‘’…For example, a Klingon Defence Force has the trait…’’ - it should be ‘’…, a Klingon Defence Force officer …’’.
Page 39: “Defence” should be “Defense” as the default has been stated to be American English
Page 44: Call Out Targets talent requirements unclear. Is the requirement AND or OR.
Page 44 and 45: Requirements not visible as text is white (PF)
Page 49 and 50: Requirements not visible as text is white (PF)
Page 49: Attack Run talent does not do anything as Attack Pattern Task does not affect enemy attacks
Page 50: Spacewalk Talent. Due to the line break the talent read “… thanks to low-or zero gravity” Should read “… thanks to low or zero gravity” (or possibly “…lower or zero gravity”).
Page 56: Oberth Class: Overview: ‘’…is home to the approximately 100 crew that served on this ship…’’ - it should be ‘’…that serve…’’.
Page 67: Additional Talents Table: all talents lack Requirements.
Page 69: Work Bee: ‘‘TALENT: None’’ - it should be removed (see other entries).
Page 70: Type-7 Shuttle: Power 4 is wrong - it should be 3 because we divide by 2 and round up (Engines 6 divided by 2 = 3 , no rounding up here).
Page 70: Type-8 Shuttle: Power 3 is wrong - it should be 4 (because of Engine 7 divided by 2 and rounded up is 4).
Page 71: Type-9 Shuttle: Capabilities: ‘’…to use against Dominion, Klingon, or Romulan cloaking devices.’’ - Dominion ships with a cloaking device?
Page 72: Federation Attack Fighter: Special Rules: it cannot have Improved Reaction Control System as it has Conn 2 and the Requirement is 3+.
Page 75: Diplomacy: ‘’…, in an episode with a new race you could the put the captain and crew…’’ - it should be ‘’…you could put…’’.
Page 83: CAPTAIN’S LOG sidebar: ‘’…a rare sight for the Efrosion…’’ it should be ‘’…Efrosian…’.
Page 85: Structuring A Social Conflict: ‘‘A Klingon captain may not pay the proper respect convinced some is worthy.’’ This sentence makes no sense. Should “some” be “someone”? Should it be “if convinced…unworthy” or “unless convinced… unworthy”?
Page 87: INTERCEPTED TRANSMISSION sidebar: ‘’…fellow Slauarilians?..’’ it should be ‘’…Sluarilians?..’’.
Page 95: Starbase Talents sidebar: Enhanced Defence Grid: ‘‘The station’s Shields are increased by an amount equal to half the station’s Scale.’’ - rounding up or down?
Page 96: Small Deep Space Outpost: Attacks: Phaser Arrays: word ‘‘damage’’ after 11 and CD dice symbol should be removed (see other similar entries).
Page 99: COMMENDATIONS AND THE CHAIN OF COMMAND: ‘’…, some officers may see this fair. ‘’ Should it be ‘’…as unfair’’?
Page 107: VICE ADMIRAL JAMES LEYTON: Special Rules: ‘‘Authoratative’’ - it should be ‘‘Authoritative’’.

These Are The Voyages: Volume 1

Page 17: ATLANTIS CREWMAN [MINOR]: Phase Pistol should not have a ‘‘Charge’’ Quality.
Page 20: FIRST OFFICER CAITLIN MALLORY (ACTING CAPTAIN) [MAJOR]: Phase Pistol should not have a ‘‘Deadly’’ Quality.
Page 20:“Exploit: When using the Exploit Task, Mallory may re- roll any number of d20s.” Exploit task does not exist in STA.
Page 34: USS NIGHTINGALE [FEDERATION]: Engineering Discipline of 4 is wrong - it should be 3 (SCIENTIFIC AND SURVEY OPERATIONS Mission Profile 2 + Engineering Discipline 1 of Nova Class = 3). Also ‘‘SPECIAL RULES: Advanced Senso Suites (Talent)’’ - it should be ‘’…Advanced Sensor Suites (Talent)’’.
Page 39 and 40: Extended Tasks numbers for Magnitute, Work and Difficulty are missing. [PF]
Page 50: “gleamed from the Romulans.” should be “gleaned”
Page 53: SYREETA SEBASTIAN [NOTABLE]: Attacks: Phaser Type-1 should not have ‘‘Vicious’’ Quality but it should have ‘‘Charge, Hidden 1’’ Qualities.
Page 58: “gleamed from these terminals.” should be “gleaned”
Page 63: “little information may be gleamed.” should be “gleaned”
Page 65: SUBCOMMANDER TALERIA [NOTABLE]: STRESS: 13 is wrong - it should be 11 (Fitness 7+ Security 4 = 11).
Page 67: COMMANDER MERROK [MAJOR]: Attacks: Knife lacks ‘‘Deadly’’ Quality. Also ‘‘Disruptor Pistol (Ranged, 37 ,…’’ - it should be ‘‘Disruptor Pistol (Ranged, 7 …’’.
Page 80: MAINTENANCE ROBOT [MINOR]: I think his Security Discipline of 4 should be added to its Tool’s Challenge Dice of 3.
Page 100: KES KO’FALGRIN: It lacks closing brackets in Tertryon Disruptor Banks and Photon Torpedoes entries.
Page 110: CAPTAIN TULANA VULKO [MAJOR]: Attacks: Knife lacks ‘‘Deadly’’ Quality.
Page 111: SCIENCE OFFICER T’VRIL [NOTABLE]: Attacks: ‘‘Phaser type-1 (Ranged, 2 …’’ - it should be ‘‘3’’.
Page 118. THE SOLID BET: Tractor Beam Strength 7 is wrong - it should be 2 as it is Scale 3 (usually TB = Scale -1 and max Difficulty is 5).
Page 154: FOLLOWER [MINOR]: Phaser Type-2 should not have ‘‘Hidden 1’’ Quality.

Ends and Means

Page 6: Senator Phregs - Command is 6, but max is 5

TNG Characters

Riker’s Anbo-Jytsu should be spelled Anbo-Jyutsu

Operations Division

Page 52: Past the Red Line: “If the you succeed…” should be “if you succeed”.
Page 68: Voyager Episode should be “Ex Post Facto” not “Message In A Bottle”

DS9 Characters

Page 7: Personal Effects “The character may select one item with an Opportunity Cost of 2, or two items with an Opportunity Cost of 1 each.” A Mek’leth is Opportunity 1, meaning Worf can select another item. (probably his Bat’leth that he never uses in the show!)
Page 9: Jadzia Dax should have a Type-1 phaser being a Lieutenant.
Page 9: In the Nick Of Time: should be “…Engineering or Science Task…”
Page 10: Bashir’s Augment ability refers to reasons, not Reason
Page 11: Odo’s resistance is listed as 0, however Morphogenic Matrix grants Resistance 4
Page 13: Quark’s Barkeep Talent is in bold which is inconsistent to other Talents
Page 14: Ferengi Species “noted more as merchants than traders than as warriors, scientists, or engineers” presumably should be “merchants and traders”

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TNG Player Characters: Riker’s Anbo-Jytsu should be spelled Anbo-Jyutsu

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Operations Division: page 52 - Past the Red Line: “If the you succeed…” should be “if you succeed”.

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Operations Division:

On the “Periods of Conflict” chart, the last column is not labeled. I suspect it should say ‘Antagonist’. (Pg. 36)

On the list of episodes suggested for security challenges, the Voyager episode has the wrong title. It should be “Ex Post Facto”, not “Message In A Bottle”. (Pg. 68)

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I disagree. Beligerent means who was involved (on either side) and therefore is the heading for both columns. Centralising it over both columns would look odd as it would disrupt the established left aligned format of all tables.

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Updated to include a couple of items found in the DS9 Character write ups

DS9 characters: Bashir’s Augment ability refers to reasons, not Reason.

Thanks Tony. I read that one on my first scan through but was damned if I could find it when updating this post.

Some more updates:

DS9 Characters

Page 7: Personal Effects “The character may select one item with an Opportunity Cost of 2, or two items with an Opportunity Cost of 1 each.” A Mek’leth is Opportunity 1, meaning Worf can select another item. (probably his Bat’leth that he never uses in the show!)
Page 9: Jadzia Dax should have a Type-1 phaser being a Lieutenant.
Page 9: In the Nick Of Time: should be “…Engineering or Science Task…”

But shouldn’t Jadzia, being a ‘bridge’ officer, have a Type-2?

Especially since, when she was shown packing heat, she nearly always had a type-2.

To my understanding RAW on pg 128, no. Senior officers are Lt. Cmdr and above. Rank, not Role is the determining factor.

My personal headcannon is that along with the Lycra TNG uniforms, the Type-1 was removed from standard issue and replaced with the Type-2. The Type-1 remains in use as a secondary option.

She was promoted just before Worf arrived to Lt. commander, so type-2 if she appears in that time period. If before I’m OK with giving her a Type 2. Especially after the Verad episode. :slight_smile:

Perhaps. But the character write up is for Lieutenant Dax, not Lt. Commander.

Either the Phaser is incorrect or her Rank

We’ve just updated the core rulebook PDF file in the DriveThruRPG PDF Collection. This was because of an oversight on our part, where we didn’t update the PDF Collection with the higher resolution artwork as we had done in the standalone core rulebook product on DriveThruRPG (dated 13-7-2018).

No errata has been made with this update, only the art resolution, due to graphic design staff focusing on other projects.

Or perhaps the RAW are being (appropriately) trumped by what actually appeared on-screen, where Jadzia was always shown with a type-2 phaser when she was armed.

If the supplement was presenting NPCs I wouldn’t consider it a problem, however the supplement is presenting Player Characters and as such should be constrained by the rules as presented. IMO For officially published supplements, RAW should never be trumped unless it is updating/revising said RAW.

Personally I dislike the Type-1/Type-2 rule. I house rule it out in my own game seeing as how the Type-1 is only seen a few times throughout all the series. For me, Type-2 is the standard sidearm and the Type-1 exists for its ability to be easily concealed.



All righty then, the boss has spoken.

Core, page 86,
The text that follows reads like an incomplete sentence, unless the heading preceding the colon is meant to be read as part of the sentence. It does not fit with the formatting of the rest of the entries on the page and should be corrected for consistency and clarity.

Core, page 202, Starship Names breakout box: First paragraph begins with open quotation marks, no closed quotation marks in the rest of the breakout box.

Core, page 217, reads:

In these situations, the ship itself assists the character’s
actions, rolling against a target number made from its own
System and Department combination, and using one of its
own Focuses, if relevant.

Must be from an earlier draft when Starships had specified Focuses (Foci?).