Star Trek Adventures Errata

There was indeed such a previous draft…

Operations, Combat Medic Talent (p.42) - “numaber’ spelling error.

Core Rules, page 256 (pg 262 of the pdf file): The talent description for Command Ship says that:

“When a character on the ship succeeds at a Direct Task to create an Advantage, they may always be assisted by the ship’s Communications + Command, and they may confer the Advantage to allied ships or away teams with whom the ship maintains a communications link.”

My question is should this really be a “Direct” Task? Or is it something else? The Direct Task, described in both the rules on ground (pg. 173) and starship (pg. 222) combat, does not create an Advantage.

Checking the old forum it looks like the word “Direct” used to be “Command” until it was noted that it should be a “Direct” Task in the Errata thread. It makes more sense (to me only maybe) that it would be a Command Discipline (plus whatever attribute applied) Create Advantage Task. Further, if it is a “Direct” task that can only be used once per scene, Seems like a Command ship that can only create one advantage for one other unit in a scene is not very helpful and not warranting a Talent.

No, that shouldn’t reference the Direct Task. It should be a task involving the Command discipline

Hope I am right here:

The new Adventure “Call back Yesterday” is advertised as 21 Page stand alone Adventure.
My PDF Download only has 16 Pages.

Mine is 16 pages and the last one is blank.

Arc Milestones and Starship Departments query about a possible typo?

I am curious after looking through the arc milestones and the errata it appears that there is no way to raise the Ship’s Department Rating to 5 as the arc milestone caps it at 4. Is this an error as a character can at least become the best of the best in their discipline with an arc milestone?

I would be interested in knowing why, if this isn’t an error or I missed something, a ship and its department crew couldn’t obtain the acknowledgement of being the best of the best in the fleet for their department.

The Charge function in the playtest had the option to choose between Stun and Lethal damage. That seems to have been dropped in the Core Rules yet the fluff for phasers speaks of the ability to Stun people. Does Charge need to be errata’d to account for the Stun function?

Actually the stun/lethal settings weren’t (and aren’t) attached to charge. You just declare whether the attack is set to stun or kill.

Note here that the lethal/non-lethal distinction is an innate part of all attacks, not something specific to phasers - you choose to be non-lethal or lethal when you attack, and if you choose to go lethal, the attack adds +1 to Threat (in practice, it’s fine to assume an attack is non-lethal unless otherwise stated).

Thanks @Modiphius-Nathan. Is my other question about Arc Milestones and Starship Departments accurate in assuming it is a typo?

I’ll have a look at my notes, and respond once I’ve figured out the answer.

Core rulebook p.118 VETERAN sidebar, 2nd para. “The character’s is inexperienced, but talented and with a bright measured and considered way.”

The first ten words (unnecessary 's included) are the same as the Untapped Potential description. What should it be?

You must have an older print version or PDF. Email and they’ll get you the latest version of the core book.

Veteran sidebar should read:

REQUIREMENTS: Veteran Officer (during character creation, or at Gamemaster’s discretion)

The character is wise and experienced, and draws upon inner reserves of willpower and determination in a more measured and considered way. Whenever the character spends a point of Determination, roll 1[CD]. If an Effect is rolled, immediately regain that spent point of Determination. The character has a rank of at least Lieutenant Commander.

Thanks for the correct text.
And I’ll look into getting the updated version

Page 173 Recover says “The character ducks behind cover, and takes a takes a moment to regain their breath, clear their mind, and ready themselves for more fighting.”

“takes a takes a” should be “takes a”

The Quick Start rules for the First Officer have Executive Order written incorrectly. They state that if someone spends “Determination” you can spend 3 Momentum to have them regain 1 “Momentum.” They should regain Determination not Momentum.

Beta Quadrant book page 117. Should the second occurrence of the word “Threat” be something else?

“When the Klingon Scientist completes a successful Task using his Science Discipline, he may spend 3 Threat or Threat to assist another scientist’s next scientific Task with his Insight + Command.”

Science Division, page 4, sidebar: The To and From are reversed.

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Does the reprint of the Collectors’ Edition have all of the corrections and errata fixes?
My copies are from the pre-order.
Also, has the GM screen been updated? Again, mine are from the pre-order.