Star trek adventures at soonercon 28 in oklahoma city!

Yes, June 7,8,9 is SOONERCON 28 in the beautiful Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma (just south of OKC). It is a general fan convention with all genre welcome, an astounding costume contest, huge and very fine art show, guest panels! Did I mention Nana Visitor is coming this year, and Dr. Trek, OKC’s own Larry Nemecek!

There will be ST:A played Saturday at 1330 in the Game room, run by none other than our own Steve Hanson of Modiphius fame! Don’t tell anyone, but there is a rumor that Nana Visitor and Larry Nemecek will come to play ST:A with Steve! Shhhhhh…

In any event - make the time to check out one of the Southwest leading Fan Conventions! Run by fans, for fans! No matter what your deal is, Star Trek, Star Wars, Dark Tower, name the rest, you’re welcome! Come check it out!

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Small correction, the game is scheduled at 1300.
Ms Visitor has been invited to join, but nothing has been heard back. Personally I don’t expect her to join us, but inviting her felt like the right thing to do. Larry is welcome too, after all Soonercon is his house.

Just a followup. The game went well. I had 5 players who managed to save the galaxy from a fate worse than death. Nana didn’t show. (much as expected.) Much fun was had except by the spiders.


Seems arachnids usually cant or wont have any sort of fun! bah, humbug!

Any chance of a return to Soonercon for 2022? I would love to get some hands on experience with the game!

Unfortunately, Steve Hanson, the previous GM for Soonercon has passed onto his eternal reward. However, if there is interest something could be arranged!

I know of 3 to 6 people interested getting hands-on learning the game. I was checking some rpg sites hoping to find someone demoing the game locally.

Do they all plan to come to SoonerCon? Can you give me an idea when they can all get together? I am already running three Pathfinder Society 2 rounds, so I’d have to fit it in between them. Currently, I am scheduled to run PFS2 on Friday, 1900-2400, Saturday 1500-1900 and Sunday 1100-1700. So if you guys can figure out what block would work for you, I can contact the Game Room and get a table reserved.