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Dragonflight gaming convention returns to Seattle!

As the title says our local gaming convention returns for its 41st occurrence across Halloween weekend (29-31 Oct 21).

Unlike some cons these days, Dragonflight is tabletop games without out a console to be seen, no pew pew here :wink:

Anyway, I am running a STA d20 scenario with an appropriately horror’ific theme. Small cons usually don’t see many players committing to a game until virtually the last minute so I was pleasantly surprised that all 6 seats were snapped up across the first weekend when the opened the schedule up for players.

I had planned to only run one session of STA (two others being other games using Fear Itself and Nights Black Agents) so I could get in a game as a player myself, but with the speed the seats were filled there appears to be more interest that I thought.

So, if there is enough interest from people going to the Con I will schedule a second or even third time block and rerun Demons of Eldritch Shadow.

I am posting on the various gaming forums to see if I get any comment from people planning to attend or just to let anyone know if they hadn’t realized DF was happening :grinning:

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