STA at Gen Con 2019

I GM’ed one session of STA last Gen Con and notice there wasn’t many sessions going on. I want to start building up a community of Gen Con players and GM’s.

Would anyone be interested in GMing with me for Gen Con 2019?

Ideally I would like to set up a morning, afternoon and evening session each day.

My goal would be for each session to have at least one introduction scenario for new players and one normal scenario.

Let me know if anyone is going to Gen Con and wants to help out.

Unfortunately the Westin overbooked and cancelled my reservation. So Gen Con is a no-go for me this year.

Lennon, that sucks. No other hotel options? I guess you probably checked.

14.5 miles away.

I don’t see a problem, its just a brisk 4-5 hour walk :joy:

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We’re offering $100 per 4 hour session for GMs who run our games at Gen Con 2019. We’re also in discussion with the convention about getting our own organised play room, so if you’re vigilant there should be plenty of opportunity coming up to book in to play STA and any other of our games while in Indy :slight_smile:


Our own organized play room would be awesome.

Well good news, I got a hotel 2.7 miles away. So I might be going. @Modiphius-Sam Do you want me to register my own games or should I go through you to be under the Modiphius host?

Register as yourself, and you should then be placed in our room. To claim the credit, please send us a confirmation of the event booking on Gen Con’s website.

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