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Running Star Trek at Dragonmeet 2019

Hi folks,

I’m considering submitting to run an STA game at Dragonmeent this year. I have a scenario I might like to run, but I thought I’d check if there’s a need for GMs to run any official demo games. I don’t recall seeing any last year.

Where would be a good place to ask? Or who?


It’s still quite a ways away, but you can register via the Draginmeet webpage.

As far as us wanting gms, this is from Chris…yes we’d like people to run Star Trek - they’d qualify for credit as well.

I’ll be registering at some point soon…

That’s excellent news from Chris - where do I volunteer? :slight_smile:

probably easiest option is contact and say you want to register as a volunteer to run STA and they’ll put you onto the right people

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

no worries, i too should be there running Fallout

How did it go?

Dragonmeet is 30th november

Ok… mgonna be waitin with bated breath!


Sorry, I’ve been absent for a while… And to add to the fun, I’m now confronted with half my journey time on rail replacement buses!

I never did get a reply from the Modiphius team - two “I’ll pass it on”'s from support, but no reply from Mr B or any of the others :frowning: Is that something you can prod, given the time, @Modiphius-SteveH? I’d still like to make it official…

Still planning to run in the afternoon slot - my own scenario at present - so all welcome (till I run out of player slots!).

So question: submitting for a gm slot gets me a ticket? Or do i need to register for a ticket as well?

Contact Support and ask who to email