Star Trek Adventures Art

Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to posting on these forums, so I thought I’d introduce myself the best way I know how: with a little bit of my art. :slight_smile: I play Star Trek Adventures quite often (our group meets once or twice a month) and I’ve definitely been inspired to create some art based on our adventures. Hopefully y’all like it, and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think! :slight_smile:


Very nicely done… It immediately makes me think of early 2000’s full-color glossy comics…

I’ll quibble with “quite often” equaling “once or twice a month”…Quite Often implies to me more than weekly… as weekly is the standard for most groups I’ve heard of; mine is weekly, and seems pretty standard.

Thanks for the kind words!

And, ha, fair enough. For us, it’s just tough to wrangle six schedules… I’m a bit envious of those groups that get to meet more often. :slight_smile: More power to you!

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It helps that I run my game…

  1. at a store
  2. prepared for 1-2 people semi-randomly to not be present for session
  3. on a “show up when you can” basis I usually have 4-6 show. Usually 4 of a particular 6, plus 0-3 more of a total of about 11 potentials.
  4. I’m one of two GMs not running D&D between both nights of RP gaming at the store - the other is my daughter, and I started the campaign of L5R, and she’s taken over for a while so that I can play.

So, I don’t have to juggle - the player base has preselected to be there on game nights… and if they don’t show, they’re either off-shift, in sickbay, or in meetings.

That does seem to make it easier. I definitely envy that ability to meet up every week. You must get to know all the characters really well–and really quickly!

The only plus side of meeting only once or twice a month is that there’s time to create a little extra art. :slight_smile:

Very nice, Dan - and welcome to the boards.

You get to play more often than I do… I’m currently between games, but was running about 2 hours a week for a few months at a club. I really want to set up a monthly 5-6 hour game, but still need to recruit!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Yeah, our sessions run about 3-4 hours at most (with some time to much on some dinner in there, too). So we usually end up running quite a few “two-part” episodes (and that can add to the drama… because what’s more dramatic than “To be continued…”)

Anyway, hope you find a new group soon! Is recruiting fairly easy for you? I see calls for players every once in a while…

Weekly sessions don’t always result in getting to know the characters. We get about 3 hours weekly, and not everyone is a character-focused player. Also, my group runs from age 14 to 59… and gaming experience from (counts) 6 sessions to 45 years of gaming.

Yes, one of my players is a total newb to RPGs… and really in-character. She’s played a total of 6 sessions - should make 7 tonight. Brought to game by her daughter…

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Here’s a piece a did for a player group that wasn’t my own. It sounded like they had some really fun adventures (with a fair number of supporting characters, which is always nice).


Beautiful art, gang!