Art Appreciation

I was reading one of the newer books and I found myself having a thought that I’ve had many times reading STA books: that the art pieces are amazing.

Not only do the pieces look great, they do such a good job of conveying the idea that there’s a whole part of the galaxy being explored by the ships that we haven’t seen in the various shows. There’s action, adventure, things blowing up, weird alien technology, shuttles flying and interesting characters whose lives can be explored.

This particular choice about the art direction pulls me into the game in a really meaningful way.



Thanks for noticing, BC! Art is one of those things I rarely see many comments about. We’ve been upping our game in art, not just in diversity but in quality (IMO). And I just cannot wait until you all get a chance to see some of the new art coming across my desk for upcoming publications. Exciting stuff.


I’ll admit, when I first started playing TTRPGs, the art was lost on me; I considered most of it lost page space. I’m now appreciating the art a lot more though, and it gets me excited. There are some books that are selling me almost on the art alone.