Some Question about Robot

Hi all! I have some question about robot fraction.

  1. I can’t find description for “Self-Destruct”. What i need to do with my robot?
  2. Assaultron has STR 7, but melee skill by AGI. Did Assaultron have +1 Black Dice for STR 7+ in melee or not?

Self-destruct is explained in the robot reference card:

You can find this card in the reference card pdf, at Download section of the Modiphius web (

About the melee bonus, i think units with STR 7 or more gain the black dice bonus regardless of the skill used for melee:

Close Combat Strength Bonus
Any model with a total Str of 7 or more which
uses a melee weapon in close combat adds 1 bonus
Damage (black) Effect Dice to that melee
weapon attack.


Yobalo is correct on both. :slight_smile: