Conflict of rules

Need to clarify this

  1. assaultron head gains (c) from quik actions
    Robots Self-destruct ability & Primed Weapon - #6 by Modiphius-Dom
  2. or don’t gain from quik actions?

You should post this in the rule question forum.
But i dont understand your question fully. Do you mean if the weapon would generate charge tokens through quick actions?

I don’t see rule qustion forum
Forum reply says - assaultron head laser generate (c) token from any non-shoot action include quick action (from programm:Spread)
FAQ says - Primed weapon gains tokens only from main actions
How this works? Programm:Spread generate tokens on assaultron?

It’s a own category. Not within the Fallout-Category.


Just so I understand the question, we’re asking if the Head Laser would generate Charge Tokens from Quick Actions?

I think I can see the conflict (my forum reply says the opposite to the FAQ) but I just want to check!

Yes, this is the question. If the Head Laser would generate charge tokens from quick actions.
I’m the one who told Kirill about your forum answer. :slight_smile:


Go with the FAQ. I’ll ensure that the next pass of the FAQ has the correct answer in it too so I don’t update it incorrectly.

Sorry for the confusion!