Legendary Weapons firing into melee

If a model has a weapon like the Hunter’s Hunting Rifle or Troubleshooter’s Combat Rifle which gain an extra effect die when targeting a specific enemy time, do they get that bonus if they’re firing into a melee, and hit a target which that bonus doesn’t apply to?

For example, I have a Sole Survivor with a Troubleshooter’s Combat Rifle. My friendly Dogmeat is in melee with a Protectron. If I fire at the Protectron, I’ll roll the extra black die because I’m targeting a robot. But if I hit, but the hit is randomly assigned to Dogmeat, does he take that extra damage despite not being a robot?

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If the target (the initial target of the attack) matches the criteria of those weapons, then yes - any subsequent model hit after randomising the attack would also take that additional damage.

This is mainly because taking dice out again afterwards is just another layer of complication I don’t think we really want.


Makes sense, thanks for the clarification!