Sentry Bot and Self Destruct AOE Damage

This came up on Reddit and I thought I’d ask here.

Sentry Bot is a 60mm base so when it self destructs you measure by placing the orange and yellow rulers over it. For orange, 2" length, that AOE is completely covered by the model itself so it has no effect in game. For yellow there is some room for close units to get caught.

So in yellow a unit would only take a flat 4 physical damage + dice.

And if, for example, a unit could be within orange it would take 4 physical damage + the effects of the dice + the stun and armor reduction+ 1 extra damage (orange damage marker).

My questions are 2 fold:

First is the easy one. Am I reading the damage + effects correctly? I’ve always assumed the AOE symbol with a number was flat damage but there’s nothing in the rules or FAQ stating that’s the case. IT’s a bit confusing with the way this, and the fat man, mix damage indicators. So 1 damage icon in orange and then the number 4.

The second question is doesn’t the Sentry Bot not being able to get deal the orange radius damage counter to how it is in the games where you do get dazed and take a lot of damage by standing next to them at explosion time? Yet they don’t get that in FWW due to their base size.

It feels like they should have different radiuses due to their base size or that the robots self destruct card needs to state that you measure from the edge of a robot base for it’s damage instead of the normal AOE rules as It’s likely the cap costs is a flat cost for robots and self destruct that you’re paying for but only getting part of the benefit with the Sentry.

It’s also silly that if, for example, there was a 50mm based robot it could get the orange damage/effects for anything touching it’s base since orange is technically 50.8mm long due to the imperial measurements vs metric base sizes. While there’s nothing currently with that base size + self destruct there could be with future games or if Modiphius decided to release FO3/NV version of the Sentry bot, which is smaller then FO4’s, while the FO4 version wouldn’t have a full damage self destruct.

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Jon has shown an interest in this one, so we’ll get an answer to you shortly. I have some ideas but I want to be sure I’m correct first!

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Hey Monkeysloth, sorry this has taken so long to come back to. Robots are now on my dev docket as I wrap up Nuka World.

I’m going to answer the first part fully and the second partially for now as I need to do some more thinking and testing to get a totally satisfactory answer if that’s ok?

You are indeed reading the damage and effects correctly. Models within yellow suffer the 4 physical damage with the dice. Models within orange suffer the same, but also the extra damage point, stun and armor break effects. The version of the Fat Man I am looking at on the downloads reads the same (the idea is they are essentially both mini nukes cooking off). But if you have another card, please let me know the source so I can cross reference.

With regard to part two, currently you are reading it correctly. A 30mm based robot can give out both yellow and orange effects as its base is smaller than the orange ruler. But the 60mm Sentry Bot cannot as its base is wider than the orange ruler thus no model can be under the effect.

I have a few ideas as to how we fix that as it seems daft that the bigger bang you would get from a Sentry Bot cooking off somehow doesn’t impact close by models, but before I confirm anything I want to speak to the playtest group and see how they feel.

So, for now play RAW and only the yellow effects trigger on a self destructing Sentry Bot, but that may well change in the future.



That’s for looking into this more and confirming how the damage is read.

I didn’t clarify in my original post that the Fatman was the same as the robot self destruct. I meant to say they were the same and a shared example of a weapon card using multiple ways to show mixed damage symbols as the * for damage is usually only used for effect rolled. I figure it’s a by product of the early designs before things became more consistent as the game matured.

Having spoken to the playtest team we are going to errata the Self Destruct effect to include:

If a self destructing model’s base is wider than the Orange ruler (60mm+) then any model base to base with that model suffers any applicable Orange range effects.


Great. Thanks for the update.