Some new Predator Types and a new Amalgam

Predator Type

Typhus: Manipulation + Medicine: You take blood from the dead and dying in hospital wards, retirement homes, and from those who are unable to leave home due to their illness. You use your knowledge of medical issues, and your ability to present yourself as a health worker, to gain access to these people who you can then easily feed upon, or draw copious amounts of blood from on which you feed.

  • Add a speciality: Medicine (pharmacy) or Insight (grief)

  • Gain one dot in Fortitude or Auspex

  • Gain the Feeding Merit: Iron Gullet

  • Gain the Infected Flaw (2 dot)

The Infected Flaw ranges from 1 to 3 dots, representing how virulent the disease is that the vampire is carrying. When the vampire feeds or is fed upon, there is a chance that the disease the vampire is carrying is passed on to the victim or the attacker. The person who is at risk of being infected makes a extended Stamina roll over the course of 3 days, and requires 2*Flaw Rating successes. If the number of successes is not achieved then the character is now infected, and gains the same rating of the flaw as the person that attacked them, and if the newly infected is a mortal they will now need medical assistance with relation to the disease they now carry. Vampires are of course immune to the disease they carry, but if they are unaware they are a carrier, and start to cause an epidemic within the city, they will be liable for destruction as part of Blood Hunt.

This predator type may well be perfect for the modern Ventrue bloodline, the Namtar bloodline, who can only feed from people who are suffering from diseases. This bloodline ignores the limitation of Ventrue being unable to take the Iron Gullet merit. In ages past these priests and sin-eaters would take offerings of diseased blood in exchange for cleansing the area of disease carriers in the population of the kine.

More worrying is if the Second Inquisition has determined if certain diseases are able to harm vampires, or if they have designed new infections for this role.

Infection needs some playtesting.

Predator Type

Catfisher: Manipulation + Technology: You take your time to develop a number of personas online, and use these false identities on social media and forums to develop friendships with kine. You develop these connections to the point that a person-to-person meeting can happen, which can be taken advantage of for feeding. The benefit of doing this is that you are able to control many of the factors involved in feeding, such as the time and location.

  • Add a speciality: Insight (loneliness) or Technology (social media)

  • Gain one dot in Dominate or Obfuscate

  • Gain the Mask 1 dot Merit.

  • Gain the Enemy Flaw 1 dot, a spurned lover.

Such a vampire using the internet in this manner is in no greater risk of being caught by the authorities than a depraved mortal who also uses the internet to groom targets for their own vile urges. A vampire however should be careful in this use of hunting. You do not have people to feed on at the drop of a hat. Potential victims need to be prepared over many weeks if not months. The benefit of your prey coming to you if worth it. However, canny SI agents may well be watching social media, trying to find the patterns within social media conversations that reveal the online hunting practices of a vampire.

Predator Type

Curb Crawler/Drive By: Wits + Drive: You drive around the streets at night, talking to pimps, dealers, drunken reprobates, working out who will be your next best meal. Over time you have developed a sense of the midnight roadways: where the cops patrol, which side alleys to dive down for seclusion, what your best escape route is with your car. The advantages to hunting in this manner is that it allows for seclusion, poaching and not getting caught, and in the case of messy mistakes, you are ready to go and dump the body far away.

  • Add a speciality: Drive (tailing) or Streetwise (sex trade)

  • Gain one dot in Auspex or Dominate

  • Gain the High Functioning Addict Merit, Resources (1 dot) specifically for a car (you can always assign more merit dots to this advantage.

  • Gain the Known Corpse Flaw, and the Disliked Flaw.

Let’s not beat about the bush here. This vampire is using their abilities to pull people off the streets, feed, and then dump the body elsewhere. This hunting manner, while being incredibly efficient, is also dangerous for the vampire. Traffic cameras track drivers, and the images are image processed to extract license plates and car tax records. A vampire that relies on this hunting method, without due care, would soon be the target of SI operatives.

Using this Predator Type in a chronicle should include plot elements of the character being followed by unmarked police cars, the danger of high speed driving to escape suspicion, and the criminal activities of changing number plates, and the trouble of being a dead person trying to buy a car. If a player becomes too complacent using this method, then that is a good time to have the SI come down on them hard.

Predator Type

Carnivor: Wits + Medicine. Hannibal Lector. Jeffrey Dahmer. Armin Miewes. These are fictional and real cannibals, and they are nothing compared to the vile monsters that are Kindred who devour flesh. These vampires must eat flesh in order to consume blood. And they must eat a lot to sate their hunger. Perhaps they sneak into hospitals looking to steal organs, masquerading as a surgeon. Perhaps they lure victims to their own personal abattoir, where they carefully carve their victims up into select cuts, frozen for later consumption. Or maybe they are just a ■■■■■■■ animal, chasing people down in order to rend them apart in a glorious mess of gore.

  • Add a speciality: Medicine (surgery) or Survival (hunting)

  • Gain one dot in Protean or Fortitude or Blood Sorcery (Tremere only)

  • Gain the 3 dots in Haven, and Iron Gullet.

  • Gain the Organovore Flaw. Lose a dot of Humanity.

Such a vampire is going to quickly become a target for the SI, or the Camarilla if it becomes clear that their particular means of feeding risks the masquerade. Stealing body parts from hospitals has all sorts of repercussions as rumours spread of an organ thief, or a rogue doctor. The urban wolf that roams the tunnels, preying on the homeless will soon grab the attention of police and SI agents, especially when some poor ■■■ turns out to be the heroin addicted child of some politician.

These carnivorous vampires risk their Humanity every time they hunt and feed. They need to manage their urges or else they risk losing their self to the Beast, becoming nothing but a hungry revenant.

A clever hunter keeps a haven where they can feed with care, prepare their meals, and store fresh meat. Perhaps they hunt on just sinners. On criminals and thugs. Maybe such a hunter does this and treats the flesh they eat as if it was some form of holy communion, just a the bread is the body of Christ, so too is this flesh the body of Caine.

There is a bloodline, most vile and hated among the Kindred, called the Nagaraja. More than likely they follow some of the practices above.

Amalgam Discipline Power - Nightmare - Obfuscate 3, Potence 3

The Nosferatu blood has twisted in response to the worldwide hunt and extermination of Kindred. Mortals once feared their kind because of their hideous features and monstrous nature. But that was in ages past, when all man had to wield in defence were swords and stakes. In these modern nights, automatic weapons, flamethrowers, and drones have emboldened hunters. The gross disfigurements of the Nosferatu are not enough to drive mortals away screaming in terror. It is believed that the Nosferatu founder, through the blood, has forced his children to express the true horror of the Beast, weaponizing this terror and projecting it as a visible and psychic assault. These attacks are so intense it can cause soldiers to weep, hair to turn white, and people to die from heart attacks.

Cost: One Rouse Check

System: Manipulation + Obfuscate vs Resolve + Composure. Superficial Willpower damage equal to the number of successes scored is inflicted to any targets who witness the vampire using this power. If any excess damage remains when all Willpower boxes are crossed out, the remaining damage is inflicted as Superficial Health damage. Mortal targets reduced to zero Willpower must immediately flee the vicinity of the attacker. Vampires reduced to zero Willpower must check for terror frenzy immediately. The power is a significant masquerade breach, and players are encouraged to be creative in how this power manifests for their characters. The Ugly flaw for the purposes of this power is treated as an equipment bonus to the dice pool. This means that while vampires of other clans may learn this power, the Nosferatu are particularly effective in using it. The Gangrel are ■■■■■■■ vampires, and they gain a single bonus die if their clan flaw is active.

Duration: One use.


Here enjoy another Predator Type. The Gardener.

Predator Type

Gardener: A vampire who is a gardener still must hunt, but their needs are now much more different. They are looking for “water” and “fertilizer” to feed their crop of vitae rich fungus. The fungus, a strain of Hydnellum peckii that has been fed on vitae according to the phases of the moon, can only be created by practitioners of Blood Sorcery. The character must have a rating of 3 in occult, and 2 dots in medicine. Creating the fungus requires feeding it 10 Rouse Checks worth of vitae over the course of a month, mixed with all manner of other ingredients that requires knowledge of alchemy. When the final fungoid species has been created, the fungus must be planted within a mortal in a comatose state who has been interred in soil. It takes 2 weeks for the fungus to grow to create enough mushrooms that can be harvested, and which in turn can be pulped to create a vitae rich broth which can slake 2 Hunger. The mushrooms and broth can only be stored for 2 days when harvested. The patch must be fed 3 slakes worth of blood (assuming a BP of 1 of the feeding vampire) each week. Every 6 months the patch must have a new person interred. Doing so will result in an automatic test of Humanity degeneration. A character performing this gains the Garden background. Each dot in Garden represents a patch that can be harvested. Garden is considered part of the Haven background.

  • Add a speciality: Occult (alchemy) or Science (Medicine)
  • Gain one dot in Fortitude or Blood Sorcery (Tremere only)
  • Gain the 4 dots in Haven, of which 1-3 points can be spent on Garden.
  • Lose a dot of Humanity.

REALLY nicely done! Looking the predator types over, I could see where there were some missing, but couldn’t quite put them into words. Those do the trick, though!

Thank you!

Great work @Dr_Ether !