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Speculation/Wishful Thinking: What alternate rules would you want to see in the Player's Guide

So we were initially told the player’s guide would have some alternate takes and additional rules to adapt more playstyles. We have also been told that the PG won’t override the core book, it will work alongside it. So I’m curious… what alternate rules/ways to make certain settings would you want to see in the PG?

For me, it comes down to adding optional methods to do stuff:

  • Add a PC creation guide/option for Elders of 8th Gen through 6th Gen (XP to build, extra Advantages and Flaws), along with a way for Elders to have more powers without needing 6+ Disciplines; breadth instead of height.
  • Rule for non-Human Touchstones and Rituals and/or Loresheets to represent Path ethos.
  • Ways to tweak weapons without it just being scads more bonus dice, or getting into minutiae of aiming better.
  • Notes for possible replacement Skills for different play eras (Mythic Past, Dark Ages, Victorian).
  • A system like Projects to represent the Jyhad, on a large scale, for STs and players who are comfortable with a portrayal of 5th and 4th Generation Methuselahs.

My feeling is that the bulk of the book will be made up of player options - Clan details, example pregens, merits, Loresheets etc.

In terms of playing options, I think they will probably find ways to make the Hunger rules more forgiving and possibly expand the generations/eras that you could start your characters off.

One simple way of making the Hunger rules more forgiving, is to rule that the Hunger Dice only apply to your rolls if the Difficulty of the task is more than half of the Dicepool. In a sense, this already happens when you run it freeform and include automatic successes, but it could be formalized this way too.

The generational eras of character origin - and by extension Elder rules - could definitely reach back a few centuries. Maybe as far as the medieval era, and it could be linked to eras of play.