New Take on Disceplines

Hello!I just took a glimpse at the V5 and was intrigued by the fact that we have now more than one power for level.This gave an idea:what if we used that in the V2nd edition?It seems to me that it would solve a lot of problems(it would certainly create new ones but I think it’s worth the shot).Say that a Gangrel achieves animalism 4.Instead of aquiring the regular power,the player would have the option of cause irrational fearwith an unnatural roar.Ok,this would be an obvious break of the masquerade,but if used carefully,it would also be very challenging.Other option:by reaching Protean 5,instead of turning into mist,he could turn into the fabled man-bat(I know,I know…).Strengh,dexterity and stamina would rise by two,and no health levels would be gained.Claws and fangs would do st plus two aggravated damage.A Brujah with presence 4 could panic in an entire crowd instead of being able to summon someone.The cost would be the power’s level x 5 or x7 f not a clan discipline.This would solve some player’s obssession with “amalgamated disciplines” and would make diablerie less of a temptation.It would also allow a player to wonder about his character’s personality/inner nature even by being of a high generation.I realise the examples I used may seem extreme,but is it not worth trying?


I really like this idea, this way you can take back some cool power form older edition, but without changing the whole sistem, you have just do adampt the pool and add the rouse ceck in needed.
I guess i will do so in my next chronicle, using power from v20

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