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Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition Homebrew Wiki

This project has been in development for a couple of months. It took me a little longer than I had expected to put together all the templates that could cover all of the potential options needed.

The Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition Homebrew Wiki is now LIVE and in an Open Beta. The wiki is meant to be a repository for homebrew material including Discipline powers, entire new Disciplines, Clan and Bloodline conversions, new Clans and Bloodlines, Advantages, Predator Types, Special Rules or articles, and SPCs. The wiki makes extensive use of templates to make it easy for even those who are not wiki-savvy to submit their material to the wiki.

The wiki is open currently to create accounts to post your own material or comment on material that has been submitted. At this time, there are no plans to make this a ‘curated’ wiki (that is, vet the material that is submitted’) other than to fix things that break templates or don’t get submitted via templates or do maintenance for questionable content or active wiki vandalism. If you want to contribute but are not comfortable with the wiki stuff, there is an email address in the guidelines and details on what to do so the staff can add your material, as well.

The wiki can be found at

You can email the wiki administration at v5homebrew at gmail dot com with questions and comments, or find me on the WoD5 Discord as well.


Could I post alternate rules as well? I am working on a LARP system for V5 and would love to put up some rules concerning that.

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Of course. You’d just put it under the ‘Other Rules’ section (under Special Rules on the sidebar). It’s the most open template (basically just an open text entry that you can use mediawiki markup to format).

Sounds good gonna check it out. Thanks for all your hard work.

Hiya! So, one of the things I love most about the old White Wolf wiki was that it had a timeline of events in the WoD. I found it crazy useful, and would love to see it added to the v5 wiki!


We have made some significant updates to the wiki.
We have reopened the wiki for people to create their own accounts again.
We have updated the wiki formatting to allow for PDFs to be uploaded and displayed directly to the wiki. For example, the Ravnos homebrew is also mirrored on the wiki in PDF Format:

More updates coming soon, including my take on the Tzimisce/Old Clan, a weaponry update, and some Loresheets.

Go. Read. THere’s tons of stuff on the wiki!