Software to Create Zones with Fog of War / Revealable Layers?

Hey all,

I have been making my Zone Maps in Keynote (Mac Powerpoint), but now I want something with a little more finesse… with layers, and revealable sections?

What is everyone else using?


I use Roll20 for zone maps, social, physical (and for Infinity for hacking).

Thats awesome, nice work.

I’ve been using Miro board lately for Star Trek Adventures and it works fairly well even at the free level. Check it out on

For fog-of-war you have to create polygons and fill them to 100% opacity then lock them. The players can’t move or unlock those polygons themselves until you do so. Here are two pics of an upcoming STA game showing what I mean. You don’t have to reduce opacity when you reveal but just delete the block. Unfortunately, no way to do this with freeform shapes yet.

1 Like - for the scene maps - Alternative to scene maps, though I don’t like the subscription method it employs. - for world building (Isn’t perfect for non water planets like Dune, but you can make it work) - WAY WAY!! better than role20, and only the DM needs to 1 time purchase, there’s also a working mod to support character sheets and talents, etc.

Aside from Dungeon Fog, the above options do all have a 1 time fee associated with them. But are very multi platform as far as games go. So can easily be reused for various other games.
I should also mention that Dungeondraft, and wonderdraft are purchased via HumbleBundle, so majority of the money does end up in charities :slight_smile:


I use Wonderdraft for regional and global maps.
Dungeondraft for local and battlemaps.
I use Foundry VTT for actually running the games; there is a workable Character Sheet and Roll Mechanism for Dune in Foundry.

Now, if there was an official Dune RPG Module for FoundryVTT I’d be parting with even more £ than I already have.

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