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Shipping Notice Update?

The posted shipping notice was for January 2021, and I know from email that some progress was made since. But would it be possible for that web page to be updated (and kept up to date) so we can keep informed on the state of, say, US deliveries without distracting you folks with email every few weeks?

I know you folks have a hot mess over there, so I’m just asking for some lightweight transparency.

As an update, CS responded and said my shipment should be going out this week, and I just now got a shipping notice from DHL for a GamesQuest shipment. GamesQuest has done good by me with other purchases from Free League (the box was beat up, but the contents were pristine), so I’m feeling good about things, including my Dune preorder.

I still would have preferred the public shipping notice were updated, but that seems to be a moot concern.