Ship Talent Rule Question - Is Resistance Futile?

Are the Ship talents Ablative Armor and Improved Hull Integrity mutually exclusive? I was looking at them for an alien ship that is able to take a pounding vs a crew that has a tendency to obliterate their enemies with 10 damage dice available they almost always get a breach or run down shields fast for extra breaches.
If the talents are not mutually exclusive then that would mean a ship would have an extra 3 resistance which absolutely may be what I need for difficult ship battles.

Narratively, they are two different things. And mechanically, both Talents state that the ship’s Resistance is increased by some amount. Nothing says that these Talents are mutually exclusive, and I would say they stack. So yeah, +3 Resistance.


Thanks. I wasn’t sure if it made sense to have them both.

My players have them both on the USS Kurosawa an Akira multirole explorer. To fight such vessels (and big size vessels like borg cube) try to add Piercing to the attack (easiest way “scan for weakness” first). After that Resistance is futile.

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from a more technical point of view, improved hull ingerty is somehting that’s applied inside the hull, while the abaltive armor is added over teh hull - so no problem here (though it might hamper mobility a bit as you’re probably adding some weight)

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