Rule Question: Command Ship Talent

Core Rules, page 256 (pg 262 of the pdf file): The talent description for Command Ship says that:

“When a character on the ship succeeds at a Direct Task to create an Advantage, they may always be assisted by the ship’s Communications + Command, and they may confer the Advantage to allied ships or away teams with whom the ship maintains a communications link.”

My question is should this really be a “Direct” Task? Or is it something else? The Direct Task, described in both the rules on ground (pg. 173) and starship (pg. 222) combat, does not create an Advantage.

Checking the old forum it looks like the word “Direct” used to be “Command” until it was noted that it should be a “Direct” Task in the Errata thread. It makes more sense (to me only maybe) that it would be a Command Discipline (plus whatever attribute applied) Create Advantage Task. Further, if it is a “Direct” task that can only be used once per scene, Seems like a Command ship that can only create one advantage for one other unit in a scene is not very helpful and not warranting a Talent.

Can someone help me out here?

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide!

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Good catch. Gonna check my copy when I get home.

Yeah, this is frustrating. I think maybe it’s meant to be used with the Create Advantage task and not the Direct Action task. That’s how I would rule it at my table unless new errata says otherwise.
You might want to post this in the errata thread, as well.

Thanks I will!

No, that shouldn’t reference the Direct Task. It should be a task involving the Command discipline

Thank you! Sorry for the double post here and in errata.

No problem