Precise Evasion, Attack Run questions

These talents let you spend 2 momentum to ignore a difficulty decrease.
I have always questioned the interest of the talent since with 2 momentum you can create complication (skillful piloting) that increases difficulty by one for enemies thus doing the same thing in the end.
Can someone clarify this?
ATTACK PATTERN: The flight controller takes a course that will make it easier to target the enemy. The flight controller attempts a Daring + Conn Task with a Difficulty of 2, assisted by the ship’s Weapons + Conn. If successful, until the flight controller’s next Turn, all attacks made by the ship reduce in Difficulty by 1 (to a minimum of 1; if already at 1, then gain one bonus Momentum instead). This has a Power requirement of 1.
Nowhere it’s said that the ship is easier to hit (except in attack run talent)!!!

Interesting observation. I must have read these talents many many times yet this never occurred to me.

You are correct though, 2 Momentum for +/- 1 Difficulty is basically the Create Advantage Momentum spend. I mean theoretically the GM has to approve the Advantage you want to create and Precise Evasion is automatic, but still not really worth a Talent. And Attack Pattern does not increase and Difficulties. So I’m as confused as you are.

technical point not advantage but complication since it applies to enemies and not to you. And as a GM I will never block a player to nullify a difficulty he has created.

Just realized it could be worse because complication theoretically work for the scene and not for the turn. But this can be a part of the bargain with the GM.