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Running the Mitosis Code - why are the bad guy using paper?

So I’m reading through the Mitosis Code scenario from “Code Infinity” and in Scene 2 the PC’s are asked to investigate a paper trail of shredded and burnt physical documents - give the nature of the antagonists it feels thematically wrong, shouldn’t the clues be in some sort of scrubbed memory crypt or something?

I haven’t read the adventure so I have no context, but I do have an idea about why paper would be used:
Because it’s secure. It’s easy to hide and require a person physically present to read or take them. It’s true in the real world, it would be even more so in a futur where super hacker can steal data from systems away. Also, using an old school technique might throw some people off.

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That’s what I thought, but the main antagonist is an AI C3rvant3s which is a splinter of Svengali. Which is why it leapt out at me especially as the same character is quite happy using hard drives with encrypted data that the players can access using a successful Challenging (D2) Analysis or Hacking test in later scenes.

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Yeah I guess there is nothing wrong in changing it then.