Is something missing in adventure E Pluribus Unum?


Finally my books arrived and I was reading Code: Infinity to narrate an initial adventure for my players.

I really enjoyed the first adventure of this book. But the end seems to be missing something, as if part of the text has been cut from the final version of the book. In the hollow victory part, the paragraph does not end.

Has this been commented somewhere? is there any full version of it?


What do you mean, the paragraph does not

Sorry, couldn’t resist it. But I see what you’re talking about, on p15. It almost works, though somewhat abruptly, if you add a full stop after “truth”. But it does give the impression that there should be a line or two more of text. Anyone out there in Modiphius-land have the text of the full paragraph?

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this, I got exactly the same impression, that the paragraph can end there, but there are some lines missing.

I even venture to think that the reason for this is because on page 12 it has a almost whole paragraph repeated.

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“…will set you free”? Or, most likely, “will be revealed” or something like that… There’s something missing, but it does not appear to be realy important for the conclusion of that scenario.

Nice. :slight_smile: But yes, the scenario is pretty much wrapped up. It’s just a pity that slipped through editing/proofing!

Yes. There was a little cut from the last paragraph, and it was an unfortunate oversight. Many apologies!

Very glad to read that you liked it though, despite the mistake!

The full ‘Hollow Victory’ section from my final draft reads:

Hollow Victory

The PCs have a chance to gather themselves once the struggle is over. Video diaries and data found in the living quarters one level down will reveal the fraud committed by the Church and the truth behind the death of her husband (if the PCs don’t already know this). It is victory, but at what cost? And what is to be done with the information regarding the heinous actions of the Church.


Nice! Thanks!

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