Rules for fighting in water?

I have read the Pirate book so unless I just overlooked something I didn’t see the rules for fighting in water/while swimming. Can someone point them out to me.


It is harder. Increase difficulty.

If in heavy armor increase it by 2 steps.



Or, if in Heavy Armor, you’re drowning, if the water is too deep to stand in. Already rules for that. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are also some rules related to drowning and difficulty checks in water condition in the quickstart booklet that contains Pit of Kutallu adventure (I think it was the RPG Day one).

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What I love about this system is that it’s both recreational and fun (Doom, Momentum, tiles etc.) and narrative. But it’s narrative at heart.

So how can you manage underwater combat?

First describe it and say if you think something is a challenge to the player and explain why: « You are diving and swimming when you see a shark. Water is its element, it seems to evolve graciously, its moves are effortless as it’s turning towards you to attack». What do you do?

Already you set the situation: you are not in your element and the shark is. Let’s say the player replies: « I unsheathe my broadsword and strike it »

Then you could say: « You used to be fast but under water you feel your are clumsy, as you strike you can feel the whole water playing against you: your blow is ridiculously slow and easily avoided by the shark (no dice roll: you miss) and it tries to bite you (now dice are rolling) »

Next round, the player says « I got it, this time, I’ll be waiting for the shark and, at the last minute I will lounge my sword to impale it. The resistance of the water should play far less and I might surprise it ». Now maybe the GM will deem it’s D2 because it’s underwater or it’s D1 because it’s a good idea but, in any case the player rolls the dice.

The point being: if there is no rule (or even if there is), explain the problem to the player, tell them what the problem is (according to you), let them adjust (or argue against your preconceived idea) and make a decision. Foremost, if you hesitate rule in your player’s favor.


Is this a rule of thumb/houserule or is it from one of the books, in the latter case please reference me the page number. Thanks.

There is no specific rule for “Fighting in water”, just as there is no specific rule for “Fighting in a snowstorm”, or specific rule for “Fighting in the pitch black”.

Page 97 of the core book lists various ideas that can effect difficulty.

“The table on page 97 summarizes a number of common
sources of Difficulty modifiers. Note that not all of these
are likely to influence a given skill test: some are more
applicable than others.”

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