Fast Play Reference Sheet

Greetings Dog Brothers & Sisters!! In preparation for running the Pit of Kutallu (Which was amazing), I made some rules reference sheets on Google Sheets. I revised them a bit after running the game and am sharing them here for people to use. Feedback is welcome, I’m still new with the system.


Looks really great! :smiley:
Maybe add some color would make it even nicer?!

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This is a great starter sheet for new players! Thank you for sharing it.

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here are two colored (@mogge) pdfs with similar info which were passed around on G+ before it shut down. To give credit: I first heard about them from Dungeon Musings, albeit unsure if he created them; it may have been Blades and Blasters.

Action / Momemtum / Fortune
Qualities / Conditions / Displays / Mounted Combat


These are awesome, thanks

you did this for free? And sharing it for free, thank you! this is a real help!

Those are really nice. Thanks. I have basically cut and pasted the same thing directly from the book into a Conan discord channel.

Using discord also helps to consolidate armor, weapons, and items in one place.

Wonderful spreadsheet and very helpful to new players.

Please don’t think I am any less impressed by your product, but you have a rules error in there. Your movement example allows player X to use a Standard Action to reach Long range and then expend a Minor Action to move one more zone; this is specifically forbidden by the rules:

Core book, p. 113: “Some actions are noted as being Movement actions. Any character can only perform a single Movement action during each round.”

Even using a Fortune Point to generate an additional Standard Action, you don’t get a second movement action. Pick one – the free one (Adjust), the minor one (Medium range), or the Standard one (Long range), and only one.

The only way to reach Extreme range (or farther) in one round is to be mounted:

Core book, p. 129: “Gallop: The rider spurs the mount to full speed. This requires an Average (D1) Animal Handling Test; if successful, the character and the mount move to any point within Medium range, and then move one additional zone per Momentum spent (Repeatable). However, all other tests made by character on a galloping mount are increased in Difficulty by two steps.”

It’s still a single Movement action, just the horse is faster. I have a player who is running a Hyrkanian character in my campaign who has heavily invested in the Handle Animal tree; if he gets any successes, Born in the Saddle 3 gives him +3d20, so without Doom or Momentum, he gets 5d20 (and three of those aren’t subject to Complications!). He averages six successes on five dice (focus = 5, high TN), so he could move to Medium → Long → Extreme 1 → Extreme 2 → Extreme 3 → Extreme 4!!!

It’s almost impossible to catch him if he doesn’t want to be caught, or to escape him if he wants to catch you…

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How did I miss this reference sheet? … Great work !