Simple Character Sheet

I’ve been putting together a simplified character sheet for use with introductory one shots, such as you might find at a convention. The thought would be to list Talents on a separate page. I also intend to alphabetize the skill list still.

Character art is from Okum Arts Beasts & Barbarians Heroes builder and intend on using a matching paper mini with it.

But given that, I am looking for feedback on these. Anything seriously missing?

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Nice but I would keep skills under their associated attributes like in the standard character sheet. Very helpful particularly for new players.

I like the inclusion of the combat role dice. If you are separating the skills from their related attributes you may as well list alphabetically. You may want to put an indicator after the skill name to demonstrate what the related attribute is. Ex. Lore (Int) or Melee(Agil). That way players will better understand where the target number comes from.