Conan Character Sheet 2 pages

Hi all,

I post my character sheet I made for our games.
I never liked that Talents where spread on 2 pages, there was an endless turning of the sheet.
I also wanted ALL the languages visible and to check which languages I knew.

Thirdly, we have a houserule regarding “Standing” and “Renown”. So there is an extra field there. Our rule is that those values goes between -20 to +59. To get the normal values for those traits simply divide it with 10 and round it down. So someone with Standing 19 still have 1 in Standingvalue. This we did because we really wanted to differentiate people with the same value. Our reasoning where that 2 people with same Standing where not allways equal, some could be slightly higher on Standingscale or have slightly better renown.

Oh well, im not sure that made any sense to you. English isn´t my native language… :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: fixed a misspelling of Awareness. :smile:

Here is the sheet.
Conan character sheet variant7.pdf (200.7 KB)


great job man- if you fix your spelling of “Awareness” under attributes and skills- i may even yoink this myself. Nicely done!!

Doh! I fix this during weekend and reshare it. Thanks for spotting it. :grinning:

Uploaded again without the misspelling of Awareness. It is in my first post.

If anyone wants my Publisherfile for their own use, just tell me. :smile:

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Very nice!
I’m going to offer this to my players for their use if they want. Thank you!

You are welcome mate. :smiley:

Really a masterpiece Mogge :wink:

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