Monster/NPC/Beast Skill rolls

When an NPC attempts to hit something they use their Combat Expertise added to their Agility attribute, just like PCs do, right?

I ran Pit of Kutallu last Friday night at the game store and it went well. The monster at the end scored about three Traumas simply for showing itself. But with its Agility of 6 and Combat expertise of 1, it couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Even when I added an extra 3d20 to every attack. I had more than enough Doom to do anything I wanted.

What am I missing? Sure it’s unnerving, but it isn’t likely to actually hit or grab anyone. Does anyone know if that is by design or by accident, since its Brawn is 14+3, should that be its Melee attribute?

The combat check is correct. If the brawn attribute has +3 the baddies gets +1cd for each rank of brawn and +1 vigor for each rank of brawn. Its call Inhuman Attribute or something like thatm

Thats so weird. I had to keep it targetting NPCs from otherwise TPK.

I don’t have it in front of me but if I remember correctly the biggest threat of the final boss in that adventure isn’t its physical attack but its mental. I think it has a mental attack it gets just for being seen.

Well, 6 Mental Damage with Area and Piercing 2 is rough but not devastating.

As it should be, when you face an elder monster from the depths! :slight_smile:


Additional thought I had later. The PCs in that particular adventure aren’t especially great at defending themselves mentally. I don’t remember most of them having courage and none of them had anything from the command tree. That mental attack is what is most likely to take them out. Of course the goal isn’t to kill the PCs but to tell a great story… still.

In my experience, the mental attack was the least of their worries… Kuthallu n the dwellers were more of a physical threat.

That’s fair. The last time I ran the adventure I had one player die from the mental and a second nearly do so. I think it just depends on the circumstance and the group.