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Npc attribute query - #(x)

i forget and can’t find it in the book (i know it’s there b/c i read it) but can someone remind me what the atrtibute (x) number represents, please?

Core Book page 309 has what you want. Inhuman Attribute (X).

One or more of the creature’s attributes are beyond human capabilities.

Inhuman Awareness/Brawn/Personality give +1 damage dice to Ranged/Melee/Threaten per rank
Inhuman Brawn also gives +1 Vigor per rank
Inhuman Willpower gives +1 Resolve per rank

Hope that helps! Cheers!

i thought that was it, but Inhuman x wasn’t listed as a Special Ability on the npc, so i wanted to confirm.

WSC adventure 1 - Maledict mer npc p11.


Choking Sand Pots/Bombs: (D3), 5§ Area, Fearsome, Nonlethal, Stun

? What does the (D3) mean? difficulty 3?

Difficulty 3 to prepare using Alchemy.

? What does Inhuman Intelligence do? it’s not listed on pg 309.

Huh, yah by RAW I don’t think that does anything, and his stat block does not say. I wonder if it is being interpreted as +1 damage dice to his Alchemical attacks? His Choking Sand Bomb does 5 Dice of damage and it looks like the equivalent item usually does 4 (Core page 164).

It adds +X automatic successes to any roll made using that attribute (page 309).