[Resources] Attribute Aspects by Desired Attribute

Attached is a table that sorts the Attribute Aspects by the seven attributes, and includes the Aspects from all the so-far-released supplement books.

This table allows the player or gamemaster to look up and choose Attribute Aspects based on which attribute they want to emphasize. For example, a player that wants their character to have a high Brawn attribute can quickly see that the Fast and Fit, Warrior-born, Mighty Stature, and Strong and Resolute aspects have Brawn as a mandatory attribute. A character with one of those attributes can have Brawn as their “best,” gaining +3 to Brawn. A character with two of those attributes can have Brawn as both their “best” and one of their “mandatory” attributes, gaining +5 to Brawn.

I hope others find this helpful.Attribute Aspects by Desired Attribute 190503.pdf (52.7 KB)


It is good summary, presented in good way! I suggest to edit the post and put the tag “Resources”, to be found easily in future :slight_smile:

I moved it.

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Thanks Valyar. I’m new to this forum. I think my most recent edits are what you were suggesting?

This is nice

Love this man ypu should get the starships and steel guy to post it on his website he has an entore page of player made resources just like this.

Already added to the list.

Thank you. Glad it’s useful. Starships and Steel is an awesome resource. As a new-to-Conan GM I’m looking for all the GM aids I can find!

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I’m guessing you’re Mr. Starships and Steel. Thanks for the great resource and for posting my little contribution to your website!

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Thank you for the kind words. Glad I can contribute a little bit to the people playing Conan.