POLL: Of these, What 4 do you find most importsnt

Of the listed below, what four do you find most beneficial for conjuring a mental image of the characters?

Social standing, homeland, attribute aspects, nature, archetype, favored weapon

Archetype first, I guess. Then Nature, Homeland, and Aspects, in that order.

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Archetype > Homeland > Nature > Social Standing.
Attribute Aspects don’t say much about the character, as you could come up with the same resulting attribute values by combining quite different aspects and choosing your best/worst attributes.
And a favored weapon is only for style - oftentimes the character will have to make use of what is at hand, so a kind of “trademark weapon” is not that often applicable.

I would probably go for the following as my 4.
Social standing, homeland, attribute aspects, archetype

Nature can be very wooly and unless the favourite weapons is odd I don’t pay much attention to it.

@FrankF Aspects are only important if role-played.

How would you roleplay “Fast and Fit” and “Eagle-eyed” as Attribute Aspects?
Those can only indirectly come into play by using the associated Attributes in a Skill roll. That is all they do.

The Archetype, Nature, Social Standing, Homeland and even the Education and the Caste Story and War Story can be brought into play directly.

Attribute Aspects have no direct roleplaying impact at all.

But the Attribute Aspects are good for helping paint a mental image of the character. I find they give a description in the mind that says a lot about how the player views the character.

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Having a mental image of the character for the player during character creation is one thing, but the importance of the Attribute Aspects for actual roleplaying the character is next to not existant.

yes, Aspects don’t have to have importance @FrankF, but a concious player can choose to use them to help role-play their character out. edit: As a gm, i would offer bonus xp for doing so.

i doubt either of us will alter their opinions on them, however. but i do notice there is not a spot for them officially on the actual char sheet.